M&A – employees harbor a lot of apprehensions

When a merger and acquisition (M&A) transpires, employees harbor a lot of apprehensions. The senior management from both sides choose to deal with employees’ concerns can have both negative and positive repercussions. But experts point out that there are ways through which you can adopt a positive attitude during an M&A and make it work towards one’s advantage.

The numbers of mergers and acquisitions taking place in the business world be on the rise as it is beneficial for the business. But, many a times, employees of both the firms are equally concerned about their future and career prospects. But then, there are unique ways through which you as an employee, can handle the transition tactfully and derive maximum benefit out of it. Experts say that because of the changes that a merger or acquisition could bring in an organizational setup. Employees tend to harbor a lot of apprehensions. There could be changes in political culture working environment leadership team, locations, business lines etc. and experts suggest that understanding the changes and getting accustomed to it is important for career success after a merger or acquisition. Some of these changes could be immediate and others medium to long term. The employee must understand that change is not bad and in every change, there lies an opportunity. Employees should expect change in everything and they should adapt to these changes. While preparing themselves for the transformation, employees must also keep themselves about the happenings within the organization. An employee must seek as much credible information as possible and take informed decisions about his/her current and future career prospects in the new entity. But moving away from the comfort zone and working style may not be easy for an employee. Many find it difficult to cope up with the changes around. The most common challenges that are encountered by an employee are non acceptance of the change, conflict in work culture changes in team or reporting relationships fear and insecurity external pressures per pressures etc. Also, it is challenging for an employee to fit into the larger entity in terms of working with a new group of working with a new group of people understanding and meeting expectations and quickly adapting to the changed environment.

Soon after an M&A, the most important concern that employees harbor is about job security an experts say that, post an M&A there will be rationalizing of jobs and employees must be able to present themselves well and also explain their role and responsibilities to the future employer. The key to ensure a successful career following an M&A would be to embrace change, communicate with a positive approach, re-build teams, establish good relationships with peers and your reporting manager and be open to suggests/ constructive criticism. An employee must have a meeting with his / her manager or existing manager, as the case might be and seek clarity on any changes in role, expectations, deliverables, goals etc. Any apprehensions/ concerns that the employee might have must also be discussed openly. Once this is done, then the performance will be the sole determining factor for continued success. To ensure success, employees must be aware be aware of things taking place to work and take an active interest to understand the nuances of the new system.

A merger or acquisition brings inn two different entities to work together as one and it calls for a lot of integration and alignment from the part of both the employees and organization. While the organization could provide a helping hand to employees through constant communication and by assisting them to adapt new changes, the onus is also on the employee to be willing to embrace this change, stay positive and understand the new company culture and work towards a fruitful career.