Clarity and service begets clients

Every one wondered what it takes to be a Rocket Singh. Simple: learn how to deal with clients. And how do you that? The answer isn’t all that simple. Here is a list of rules every marketing executive should follow in his / her meetings.

KISS: Keep it short and simple (KISS) because your client doesn’t Have all the time in the world. Potential customers may not be that interested in hearing those long product commentaries. Cut it short and come to the point directly. Once you get a positive response, you can go ahead with the memorized promo liners in the successive meetings.

Clarity begets cordiality: It is absolutely necessary to lay the facts bare in front of your clients. A lot of points mentioned in company policies and terms are not grasped by the client immediately. That is why we often have customers crying foul when billed with hidden charges or additional taxes. Make sure you mention every crucial condition at the beginning itself.

Know your make: When you are meeting with someone, keep in mind that you alone are not going to talk. The client can come up with a host of counter questions as you speak, and giving the right answers can be tough if you aren’t prepared. Hence remember the thumb rule: Read about your own products inside out including their merits and demerits. And keep a track of the competing products too.

Always be available: Loyal clients shall always remain so if you follow them personally on a regular basis. Instead of addressing queries over the phone, land at their doorstep whenever possible. That’ll make a greater impact. The idea is to be within sight, lest you slip out of the mind.

Practice patience: Let’s be honest, marketing communiqués and phone in the everyday life. But as a salesperson, it is a part and parcel of your duty. So wake up everyday with a patient heart and anticipate your client’s wrath every time you make that dreaded phone call.

Be wise and calculative: You need to please the client, but not at the cost of your company. Check the cost and profit margins of the product to sell before your meet clients. That way, you will go overboard in offering concessions to own new customers.

Maneuver the talk: if you ever come across a confused client, take the wheel and steer the discussion. The client will never settle for anything unless you convince him.

Have your say too: Pleasing clients does not mean nodding at their every request. In the middle of a contract for example, if they give last hour inputs or modifications let them know about the difficulties. This practice will reduce panic situations and keep things easy.

Payment matters: It is also important for marketing executives to ensure that the client makes payment in due course of time. It may not be a big issue with regular clientele but can turn nasty with some new ones. Generally if you provide a very good service, you won’t need to worry since the client would be psychologically obliged to clear the bill.

Contingency plan: If at all you do come across a genuine complaint from your client, do not turn a blind eye to it. Acknowledge and offer a solution instead of an excuse as that would make you look defensive. And don’t ever lose you cool.

Selling is not the end. Ensure that you take due care to provide ‘After sales Service’ including “free” and as well as “paid”. This way you will not only retain clients but also make them loyalists.