Super luxury cars rushing to indian markets


Bill Gates drove one, as did Steve McQueen and Janis Joplin. Perhaps no sports car has captured the imagination of car lovers as the Porsche. Even today Wall Street yuppies and young scions purr at the sound of its boxer engines revving, especially the iconic911 Carrera series.

Porsche lovers, who till now had to import the German car, will now be able to drive them out of local showrooms. The first of these will be a 9,000 square feet property on Delhi’s Mathura Road, slated to open in three weeks.

This will be followed by a 8,000sq ft showroom at Mumbai’s Warden Road to be inaugurated in October. Formerly an office of the State Trading Corporation, the Mumbai property, just before the kemps Corner flyover, is being fitted out to make way for the showroom that shall mirror those Porsche has internationally.

Be it sales service or spares these will be at par with Porsche’s international showrooms in terms of facilities or look and feel. Everything is being replicated. Even the furniture is being imported said the CEO of Shreyans Motors, India franchisee for Porsche.

All the 17-18 Porsche models available internationally—ranging from 911 Carrera, Cayman, Boxter, to the Cayenne Turbo and Cabriolet—will be available here. Prices would start at 60 lakh and go up to Rs. 1.3 crore. Porsche which says it has sold around 200 cars since it started imports in January 2004, expects volumes to go up by 30-35% once the shows rooms pen.

Touch and feel is a major factor in luxury car retailing.. Confidence in the Indian consumer seems to be high among luxury car makers who after years of importing are now setting up shop.

The world’s best known luxury car-maker, Rolls-Royce, recently opened a 5,000sq ft showroom its first in India, at Atria mall in Mumbai India where its iconic Rolls-Royce Phantom is on display.

At present, there are 259 Rolls-Royce cars on Indian roads, including vintages. Others like Bentley, which has brands like Bentley Continental Flying Spur retailing at Rs. 1.7 crore plus has a showroom in Delhi’s Asoka Hotel. Lamborghini recently launched crore-plus models like Gallardo, Gallardo spyder and Murcielago.

The above cases show that Indians once only admiring these luxury cars seeing photographs in magazines are now able to not only see them, test drive them and also buy if it fits into their budget. The era of super luxury cars has definitely dawned on India. It may be only a question of time that they will be manufactured in India and exported to all parts of the Globe.