What to do and what not at work

You shouldn’t have said this or you are taking this too seriously. These are some of the common terms directed at you during the course of a normal working day. All of us have our weaknesses some of which surface often in the course of our working lives. Here are some of our common work weaknesses and how we can keep them under control:

Talking >>>

While talking, talk for five minutes and stop. Resume speaking whet the other person shows interest in your conversation by way of questions or participating in the talk. This is especially true when you are discussing about your hobbies, personal life events, etc.

If you’re planning to highlight something important think for five minutes before rattling off. Mark out the important things you want to talk about first and start with them. When the audience gets interested you can tell the entire story in detail. However don’t forget to give a context to your conversation.

Resist the urge to be too boastful, critical or sarcastic at the drop of a button.

While with colleagues avoid talking about your personal life, family events or travel experiences unless you’re asked about it. Some people absolutely hate being bombarded with personal info.

Understand the limitations you operate under after all you work for an organization that has its own set of limitations.

See how well your peers have fared with the same resources. If you have done better there’s nothing to be disappointed.

Compare your current quantum of work with your earlier ones. If you have fared better then it means that you inching towards your standards step by step.

Don’t lose sleep over your failures or mistakes. Take lessons from them and move ahead.

Try to be dispassionate about your work. Put in your best efforts on the task at hand but don’t think about it once it reaches the hand of your superior.

Always remember that your project isn’t entirely your own. It also belongs to your team. Once you know that it’s a team effort you will lose your sense of personal attachment.

Avoid checking official mails on weekends or while you are on a holiday.

Make sure that you spend enough time with family and friends. Make sure appointments are not cancelled.

Get a hobby or find time to reconnect with your other interests. Channelise your energy in such things rather than thinking about work.

In case of a worst case scenario, you can talk to a counselor or a psychiatrist.

Absent mindedness

1) Keep a reminder on your mobile
2) You can stick post-it notes on your desk or maintain a diary
3) Carry an organizer with you at all times to note down important details.


You messed up again at work, this time please ensure that you don’t make the situation any worse by over reacting or saying something that will completely ruin your image. The best that you can do under the given circumstances is to come out clean and the worst is to hide and come to the notice of bosses and ultimately see the door.

Well that might be the easiest thing to do, but it certainly isn’t the best. It will only land you in deeper trouble. Bosses are experts at understanding their workers so don’t try shifting blame on someone else who isn’t currently there.

Pulling off a disappearing act might save your skin on the first day, but if you try that stunt everyday, you will very soon be fired. So if you have been running home before your CEO can summon you or have been hiding in the loo when your boss is on his vigil, it is time to be a Man or a woman.

Resigning is the most cowardly solution ever. We understand that you have grossly messed up and can’t face the world (in your case the corporate world) but that isn’t really a way out. There is no sense in quitting without an explanation – you owe it to your boss, whether you are in the wrong or not. Moreover, in the current job market, resigning is the worst bet ever.

Your boss doesn’t need a lie detector to know when you’re fibbing and when you’re not. He didn’t get to the top sucking candies. He can catch you in a second when you’re lying through your teeth. So you don’t try to outwit him because you’ll only fail.

So, the only way to deal with a faux pas is to own up to it. You might be grilled, abused, humiliated, jeered at today, but tomorrow will be another day. So be accountable for your work, it’s not as difficult as it seems.