Technology Tools used for Merchandise Management

In the years 1978, James D Armstrong formed JDA Software services in Calgary, Alberta which grew to one of Canada’s largest IBM Midrange software providers. Over the years JDA’s commitment to the industry’s evolving requirements has enabled it to secure the market leading position. The software applications have expanded from core merchandising and point of sale systems to today featuring more than 45 applications that help retailers, manufactures, distributors and wholesalers maximize inventory throughout the demand chain.

The JDA Portfolio products address a wide array of critical business functions. It can deliver best of class solutions for merchandise management inventory allocation and replenishment planning demand forecasting store operations and point of sale, supply chain collaboration and CPFR programs, space management at the store shelf and business optimization and analysis.

The other software which is popularly known by retailers is Retail Pro. Retail Pro is the global leader in retail management systems. Over 10,000 retail companies have purchased Retail Pro since 1986. it helps retail business around the world run more profitably and achieve impressive returns on their technology investments. The software is an integrated system per POS and store operations, merchandise planning and analysis and customer management /CRM Retail Pro & Series is being use in 73 countries and has been translated into 18 different languages it excels in multi store management and customer tracking and is easy to use:

Key features:

1) Strategic Planning
2) Real time Open to buy
3) Purchasing Distribution Replenishing and Pricing automation.
4) Allocation
5) Assortment Planning
6) Price, Promotion and Event management
7) Purchase Order Management
8) Warehouse Management
9) Receiving and Distribution
10) Inventory management
11) Vendor management
12) Landed Cost Management
13) Accounting and Financials
14) Analytics and Forecasting
15) Business Intelligence

The third popular software used by retailers is Marketmax created by SAS, to help create integrated accurate plans quickly – down to the store level. The Marketmax Integrated Merchandise Planning Solution delivers everything retailers need to create fast, accurate plans down to the store level. SAS offers an integrated merchandise planning system includes statistical forecasting integrated business intelligence deployment methodology based on retail expertise and the scalability to meet your needs for store level merchandise plans.

SAS Merchandise Intelligence:

SAS Integrated Merchandise Planning which provides complete planning capabilities for the merchandising process including performance analysis, financial planning, assortment planning, space planning allocation and more.

SAS Size Optimization which uses powerful analytics to transforms historical sales data into valuable size demand intelligence. The solution accurately predicts future sales and inventory needs by size, and determine case pack supply to optimally meet this demand.

SAS Revenue Optimization Suite: the only software suite available today that helps retailers manage revenue and margin through merchandise life cycle. This suite includes three integrated components.

1) SAS Regular Price Optimization – Establishes and maintains optimal everyday prices based on costs, regional demand patterns and competitive price information.
2) SAS Promotion Optimization — Maximum margins and revenue through improved promotion planning powered by advanced demand modeling and optimization.
3) SAS Markdown Optimization—determines which items would be marked down, by how much when and in markets or stores.

SAS Demand Forecasting for Retail: which uses SAS’s unique high performance forecasting engine top automatic diagnose model which executes and reconciles forecasts across multiple merchandise levels and locations.

Because it includes leading forecasting capabilities and advanced analytics, SAS Merchandise Intelligence helps retailers drive profits by optimizing the merchandising process from planning through inventory fulfillment.

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