Career in interior design has a great future

Currently, interior design is a sought after vocational and design course. The fast growing economy, increasing the real estate market and the urge to design has thrown open a lucrative market for interior designers driven by demand from customers.

Courses available in interior design vary from a B Sc in interior Design, Professional Diploma in Furniture & Interior Design, Master of Interior Architecture to Design and Foundation Diploma in Design.

The minimum qualification for most of courses of interior design is standard XII pass.

The degree course is of four years duration and the diploma course of two years. You can alternatively take a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) course specializing in interior design available at various colleges.

The career stages of an interior designer involve education, apprenticeship or job experience during your study.

These college or university courses form only the basis of your interior design career, initializing your steps in the profession; especially as employers will focus on the college you have studied. Like in any other field, having a reputed degree is very crucial. There are ample courses for interior Designers like certificate, diploma and degree. Many institutions follow the course drafted by IIID, which is for two or three years. Before choosing one must have passion for the profession and be able to face the challenges.

After the completion of the course it is important for the designer to have an actual knowledge of the profession. Work experience can give you holistic view of the industry and prepare you for the ensuing challenges. This can also count, when you apply for a ob in a firm or even thinking of starting your own business. The one year apprenticeship gives you the perception of the profession. It helps you to choose your area of work, which comprises commercial, residential, hospitality and retail designing. The experience makes you more mature and gives you good exposure.

Once you finish your work experience you own firm or business. The courses help in getting business as it proves your credibility to the clients.

Apart from being disciplined and organized an interior designer should have good creative abilities, a realistic approach, powers of imagination and an artistic outlook. These skills prove important when it comes to actual work.

After viewing the space to be designed the interior designer should have an idea on the design and the structural problems that can become a hazard while the work.

Interior designers have to face various challenges like making the design practical an attractive in the available space. Also the designer has to work on a stipulated budget and yet make the spaces attractive and cutting. In metropolitan cities like Mumbai space is a constraint and property prices are high. The designer has to design the space keeping in mind the economic aspect yet make it aesthetically appealing.

The communication skills of the interior designer should be excellent. They should sound convincing enough to present and communicate ideas to the clients and win them over. While dealing with the client playing the role of listener is vital. Clients feel good when you give them importance by listening to their point of view. While speaking to contractors or customers, there might be a change in ideas. The interior designer should possess skills of being a mediator and negotiator and come to a common conclusion regarding any issue.

Currently, the field of interior design is undergoing a lot of change. The designer should be well aware of the contemporary design concepts like green homes, smart homes and the effective implementation of the same. Interior designer must have knowledge of the recent trends like materials, products, colors, lights among others that have come up in market. In addition they also should understand the structural requirements of the space like the plan, beams, ensuring the safety and adhering to the building rules and regulations.

Today, the profession of interior designing has evolved and got new meaning. This field has brilliant scope as the standard of living of people was improved. Every person wants his house to be designed as it looks good. Many people due to budget constraints simply want their living room to be designed, as that is the room, which gets the attention of the guest. The interior designer can attend to this job with attention to detail for the best outcome.

Considering the growing demand for homes and commercial spaces to look good, career in interior design has a great future.

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