A role model for his team is a good leader

Companies today face adaptive challenges. Changes in societies, markets, customers, competition and technology around the globe are forcing organizations to clarify their values, develop new strategies, and learn new ways of operating. Often the toughest task for leaders is effecting change is mobilizing people throughout the organization to do adaptive work.

Adaptive work is required when our deeply held beliefs are challenged, when the values that made us successful become less relevant, and when legitimate yet competing perspectives emerge. We see adaptive challenges every day at every level of the workplace when companies restructure or reengineer, develop or implement strategy of merging businesses.

Every good leader has a few underlying qualities that makes him /her role model for his team. And most of you can develop these traits to become a successful leader for your organization. It will only take you some time to work on them. If you are clueless about the qualities that define a good leader, here’s some dope on them.

Knowledge gives you the power to develop ideas:

Be Knowledgeable and plan: Most people who hold top managerial positions are avid readers. Knowledge gives you the power to develop ideas, resolve issues and get a better perspective of various managerial issues. Do your research. Do you research about the managerial and technical aspect of your subject and become the leader of your group. Now use this knowledge to plan out things and brief your team members.

Better your homework and planning:

If you don’t take risks, you won’t achieve greater professional and personal growth, and start stagnating. Take calculated risks. So, don’t be afraid to put forth new ideas and suitable plans to implement them. The better your homework and planning, the greater are your chances of getting support. However, it’s important to be 100 per cent sure of the risks involved or else you will get a lot of flak.

Consistency is the key to success:

Consistency is the key to success, So, always be consistent in your planning and the methods in which you want to implement your schemes. Be consistent and clearly spell out your plans to your subordinates so that they understand the tasks that need to take place for your team / firm to meet its goal.

Oral communication skills are a must:
Whether it is a politician or a corporate honcho, a good leader must be known for his/her speeches. Communicate well. So, polished oral communication skills are a must if you want to express your thoughts and visions to other. You can always develop these by speaking aloud in front of an audience or taking a public speaking course.

Inspire and motivate others:

A good leader is one empowers others. Always have a positive attitude that will inspire and motivate others towards working on a similar goal. Inspire and encourage others. Make it a point to criticize constructively as others too are working towards your goal. So, motivate others to do their best and support their team members and, don’t ever forget to appreciate other by saying thank you giving incentives or sharing credit where it’s due.

Listen to the answers and initiate new ideas:
No leader can succeed on his/her ideas alone for a long time. A good leader is one who asks for suggestions and actually listens to the answers. S/he should initiate new ideas and ask his /her team to take it forward. You should also be approachable enough so that your team feels comfortable to contact you with questions and comments.

Good leaders excel at crisis management. They stay focused and don’t lose their cool even when things don’t work out in their favor.