Butterflies in stomach


A personal interview precedes a job whether the incumbent is being interviewed for entry level or for a CEO position. How experienced one may be in his career still there will be some nervousness on the part of the candidates appearing for interview. This we nickname it as “Butterflies in the stomach�.

In this article we are trying to give a few suggestions as to how one should mentally get prepared for the interview so that in addition to the subject knowledge and experience the body language and poise look positive to the panel of interviewers.

An interview must be treated just as a conversation between you and the interviewers where you simply narrate sequentially about your work in such a way that you are able to sell yourself for the job.

Be determined to enjoy the interview conversation thoroughly and make it an enriching experience. You can enjoy because there is nothing to lose if you do not get the job for the simple reason that you are already having a job or if it is your first job then this experience will make you more confident for another interview. Certainly you will be able to grab the job in a couple of next interviews.

If you are well-prepared, you can use a personal interview to your advantage. A personal interview with the recruiter is a chance for you to sell your skills. If you drive the conversation in the direction you want, you will emerge as a winner.

We are giving here a few points which can help candidates in appearing for interviews:

When appearing for an interview, there are four main areas that you need to pay attention to Personal details, Academic details, Current affairs and ‘What you say’. Another aspect is maintaining posture during an interview which adds to your personality. Being a little conscious on the way you move and communicate helps in the interview.

Listen carefully to the questions if not understood properly then do not stop the interviewer mid-way. Let him/her complete the sentence and then if you still have doubts ask him to clarify. Take a pause before answering and answer clearly and properly audible to the concerned. Do not sound too high nor too low. If you do not have an answer for a particular question, be honest and say that you do not know the answer. Interviewers respect honesty and integrity.

Talking too much is not advisable because such candidates are disliked and misjudged instantly, so keep it short.

Demonstrate enthusiasm but make sure you do not cross the limits.

Do not be over confident about achievements. Interviewers misinterpret them as arrogance in your character. Look into the interviewers’ eyes and talk. It exemplifies confidence and honesty.

If questions are being asked in English, reply in English only. Do not use other languages.

Ask questions if required to the interviewer panel. Interviewers appreciate such enthusiasm but avoid getting into an argument with interviewer.

Candidates with pleasant appearance hold interviewer’s interest. Speak in your natural accent. Do not put on an accent for an interview.

Ending the interview >>>

Before leaving the room, make sure you thank each of the interviewers for the time they have spared to listen to you and do not forget to collect your pen/pencil or any other stationery that you have kept on the table at the time of leaving. The last one place the chair in the original position before moving out.

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