Management is required right from home to traffic to governance

Today, management has become an inevitable part of all sectors. It is not confined to four walls of a factory but is necessary every where be in an educational institution government, army, agriculture, club, trade union, small business and even at home. Whatever you do in your professional life, the chances are that it will involve some businesses.

Management is not merely a lucrative career option but also an attitude. Going beyond getting jobs, future managers should focus on putting theory into practice, honing skills and understanding the basics.

The pursuit of success unfolds many challenges and choosing right career option is the first step towards meeting them. However, a few understand that it’s not the end but a beginning. Certain careers beckon students for their good job prospects.

Management education is one of the most sought after options today. Aspiring MBA set their eyes on getting a toehold in the best business school. However, the industry professional say students are under a wrong notion that entry into a premier management institute makes things easier for future. More than teachers’ infrastructure or syllabus, it is perception that makes the best business institute stand out. Management is not just a lucrative career option but it’s an attitude the experts feel.

Students should understand the whole concept. In order to become good managers, students should know what management is. It is part of every walk of life. Many aspirants have some vague ideas about management. There are sub-options like finance, human resources, marketing, IT, communications and so on in the management field. Students should zero in on the branch they would like to pursue. When one is clear about one’s goal, it can be approached easily.

Management schools should act more as academic institutes. They give knowledge and create a solid foundation. Nowadays many of them appear acting more as placement agencies. The syllabus is more or less industry centric but all matters is its implementation. There are certain things, current affairs for instance, we cannot incorporate in the syllabus B-schools should organize seminars and workshops on issues like global warming, terrorism, budget and the like. Management is required every where, right from home to traffic to governance. These could be good lessons for budding managers.

Students should not be learning the basics after joining jobs. Proper orientation is needed. Many of them can’t recollect in the fourth semester what they learn during the first. If they want to succeed, they should think beyond jobs. Most industries are not happy with today’s management school products. Why has any disparity between needs of the industry and education?

As an MBA from a reputed institute will allow you to learn multi cultural environment with classmates from diverse backgrounds, nationalities professions and industries. This interaction will enable you to think like never before. You will form lasting associations and become part of a strong alumni network.

Putting theory into practice will take students far. Perfect application of theory is crucial. Learning process continues all through the life. Management education is mere preparation and real learning starts with experience. They should hone their skills and get the basics right. Basically why should one learn for getting jobs? If we study to build competence, success follows.

Good business schools should develop students’ ability to think and analyze. This is what management is all about. That’s why it is called an attitude and way of life. Let students learn the basics and rest assured. B schools should focus on this ground reality.

Lastly, keep in mind that an MBA is simply a means to an end it isn’t the end itself. Nor is it the only path to reach your goal. Be clear about your post MBA career goals before you dwell onto a rewarding but expensive journey called the MBA.