Army and the corporate world must exchange its cultures to achieve the best of intermingle

Today, the corporate world has so many challenges. It can immensely benefit from the Army ethos that stress on dedication, justice, equality and total commitment.


The high level of transparency in the functioning of the Indian Army and other government and private organizations has created so much of scope to benefit from each other. The military as an organization has very time tested ethos enabling it to keep its head very high, both during peace as well as war.

The Army ethos has so much of applicability in any other government and civil organization and the corporate sector in particular can benefit immensely from it.

A Look at some of the military ethos:

1) The first military ethos is to live and die for each other and this creates lot for of esprit-de corps and camaraderie amongst everyone
2) The second military ethos is to apply the principle of impartiality and justice to everyone across the board and this creates a lot of mutual trust and confidence among the soldiers of the Indian Army.
3) The third military ethos is to create a family amongst everyone and this happens by respecting the religion the tradition and the culture of each other. The principle of secularism is the root of the survival of the Indian Army. Everyone, irrespective of his caste, color, and creed is a soldier and that is the only religion followed by everyone.
4) The fourth military ethos is to put the interest of the country at the top most level under any circumstances and then comes the welfare of the subordinates and the welfare of the officers class comes only at the last. This creates a total sense of patriotism and nationalism amongst everyone and every high level of officers’ relationship gets established.

Blending of the Military ethos in the corporate culture and other sectors:

All above mentioned military culture, if followed in letter and spirit can further enhance the homogeneity and the integrity of that corporate sector and all other sectors.

Ensuing of best mutual understanding and following the principles of impartiality and justice enhances the working environment of any organization. All the top and middle level managers need to connect properly with their subordinates to understand them in totality and to get the maximum from them.

The subordinates in any organization only play up when they have full faith and confidence in their leaders. The real welfare of any subordinate is only ensured by giving him the best of his dues. Any kind of recruitment and promotion in the corporate world has to be based on the principle of meritocracy and impartiality. The maximum cohesion and integrity within an organization has to be ensured to create a true family feeling

Today, the corporate world has so many challenges to meet and only the best of dedication and sincerity in all the team members can help it to achieve its target. It is therefore very essential for the employees of the corporate world to treat their respective companies as their homes and to render their best of loyalties to achieve the maximum in such a competitive world.

The time has come for the Army and the corporate world to exchange its cultures with each other to achieve the best of intermingle.

The issue of maintaining the best of security by every organization & establishment of the Indian Army is very well understood and suitable mechanisms need to be devised to interact and exchange ideas and information with the corporate world and any other sector without compromising in this regard in any manner what so ever.