MBAs deployed have to strive hard to earn the compensation

The aim of primary educations is to create awareness secondary education is to impart domain knowledge and tertiary education is to obtain gainful employment. MBA education which is at the tertiary level is to create gainfully functioning individuals for the corporate sector who will be required to deliver results on an ongoing basis as otherwise basis as otherwise they cannot survive.

MBA education has to teach students to keep re-inventing, equip them to deal with, resolve and overcome new situations. More than this, it has to inculcate in them the capacity to anticipate situations

Industries today are not fully owned by individual industrialists but by shareholders – that’s you and me. And hence the MBAs who are employed and deployed have to strive hard to earn the compensation which is actually a sort of commission given for the wealth generated by them. Perform or perish are the key words in the industry.

How to perform effectively, efficiently and intelligently will be taught in the best B-schools. Yet, a lot more will depend on the right attitude competitive skills and personality of the individual. Every one inherits these attributes depending upon one’s background yet to larger extent a lot of learning and unlearning will have to be done through by the students which will be a life long process, as other wise CEOs & MDs will not be going to Harvard & IIMs for up gradation / updating programs. MBAs will also have to be innovators and innovation never ends.

Joining the best B-schools cannot guarantee a placement if the students don’t work hard dedicatedly or if they exhibit negative attributes and attitude although the brand of the institute may attract great companies to the campus. Similarly a student from little known institute may get great jobs, if not immediately but ultimately within a short period of time if he has good attitude and earning capacity. The key words are discipline dedication and determination. The MBA institute provides a forum for specifically inculcating these attributes.

The realities are no different with IIMs either. Yet, students of other institutes should not compare themselves with them as they select very few students out of more than two lakh applications. The students finally selected are the cream: engineers from prestigious colleges such as IITs and most of them have previous work experience with the industry for a very significant period.

Above all, the excellent faculties and the environment engage the students round the click. IIM students being mature work really hard for a dream career. It is observed that this is not the case with most of the other institutes. The students do dream to be at par with IIM & XLRI but are not willing to work as hard as their counterparts in IIMs & XLRI. The issue is: while every one wants placement like the IIMs & XLRI when it comes to working hard they compare themselves with institutes which are offering the course in a leisurely manner for lesser hours.

Most students entering MBA institutes have scant knowledge of corporate sector intricacies or about the functional areas or about the requirement of the industry. Most of these students are in their early 20s and only know that they want a good corporate career. They are obviously depending upon their parents, and whenever confronted with an imponderable, they go back to their parents to show them the way. But once they complete post graduation in management, the roles get reversed. Not only have they had to depend on their own skills even parents will eventually become dependant on them. That is Indian tradition and B-schools have to equip them to grow in the difficult terrain of the industry.