Referrals – Job search

Success is not something we can achieve solely with our efforts and without the help of others. Similarly, in the corporate world, reaching out to people you know, exploring opportunities and basically keeping your ears and eyes open helps you find your dream job. Here’s how
So it’s time you start looking out for a job change, right? But you have no clue where to start from. Do you apply to organizations directly, look out for openings in newspapers or put up your resume on the internet? There is one more medium of getting to your dream job and that is through people you know. Many job seekers find that other people can be a valuable source of job leads and referrals. Organizations too have taken on this practice in a huge way and now prefer to employ through referrals.
So, how useful can personal contacts be during a job search?
Personal contacts do help a lot in making an informed and right job decision. Let us for a moment step back and talk what exactly do people look for when they change. An enjoyable work environment and a group of people one can connect with in addition to the obvious like compensation, role, etc. If one knows someone at a personal level in the organization, it’s like the perfect marriage i.e. both know what they are getting into and it’s for a life-time.
A job through ‘word-of-mouth’ referrals (via personal contacts) like ‘word-of-mouth’ marketing (via customer contacts) is a win-win situation for all stakeholders as long as the merit of the wearer deserves the job and is an appropriate fit. Personal contacts are in fact most vital when it comes to finding the right kind of work and place to work at. Whenever you approach a place through a person known to you, not only would the organization trust the referral of a person who is already a part of their family but the applicant also gets a chance to know the details and the intricacies about the job and the environment before entering it. This helps both the system and the applicant have a clearer picture.
Reaching out:
When looking out for a job, what is the best way to use one’s personal contacts? First of all when deciding to change one’s job, you have to be absolutely certain. The biggest quality one needs at such a time would be patience. The best way to begin would be to identify one’s requirements and strengths along with the career options that would suit the same. Once sure of where one would want to be, you can start talking to people around you. Learn from them about what job profiles have on offer and then approach the right people. Humility is the key. Collate a database of all your personal contacts across verticals and sectors (domestic and international), and reach out to them for assistance in finding you a suitable opening or passing on a lead that can culminate into a job.
The best way is to be open and candid on the intent of the move. Job seeker should never mix the need of assistance for the job with the personal association and should maintain the association irrespective of the outcome of the interview. It is advisable to directly discuss about the opportunity available in the personal contact’s company and take the info and opinion as well. The candidate should try to get more info, if possible, on the exact nature of work in the organization. It’s extremely important and essential to be patient and completely understand the situation one is getting into However, it is particularly important to mention that the above stated reasons work purely based on the rapport with the personal contact. —