Success of an organization relies upon excellence in execution

HR branding has become a topic of great interest. The importance of mastering the concepts and skills behind branding has greater implications for HR professionals in the new economy, say experts. The success of an organization relies upon excellence in execution right? Corporate leaders have looked at other functions such as product development, marketing and sales, etc to drive corporate success and today there are several of them looking towards HR as the call for need.

HR continues to balance the demands of several different roles: business partner internal consultant, operational and administrative expert and both, employee and employer advocate, right? Being in the HR space you have the most potential to drive the many towards building its brand. Before you start, remember that building a brand cannot happen overnight. It is a long term strategy, which needs a complete re-look at the way your organization works. Value, vision and practice have to start with the key strategy players; the top management. Get their support to implement best HR practices in your organization and you are sure you are sure you can head start to create a great brand. HR plays an important role towards ensuring that the employer externally is viewed as an attractive work destination. This can be achieved through the usage of job sites, company websites through its placement partners and at campuses where it hires from…. Today, many companies feel that the problem solving skills of the HR departments should be highlighted in order to understand its true potential and only then will it be evident that HR does much more than simply process papers. The role of HR is very important in terms of understanding the branding process as it consists of understanding customer sensitivity orientation and providing good quality to customer. HR can be helpful in terms of hiring the right kind of talent for the same by providing the best orientation and induction practices to the new talent and ensuring they assimilate to help deliver the final product to the customer.

HR, today is an organizational function at equal footing with marketing and it can help create a good employer brand for the organization, which in turn will help build better customer relations, incorporating the help of the HR department in the branding process helps the organization, when the right people hired by HR go out and create the brand image / product for the company. HR can create and train the manpower in order to treat the internet and external agencies to create a good brand. Also, another way HR can help is by preparing your people to be customer oriented and adopting a holistic approach to branding. HR is able to define that unique internal culture that a company preaches. Hence, they are able to bring deep insights around your people who are attracted to the company that keeps people within the company and why people go. This is important to making the branding believable and deliverable.

Brand HR>>>

1) HR can take the lead in identifying cultural factors that makes an employer unique and an employment experience unique.
2) HR can be vital in the segmentation of workforce – establish their needs, wants desires and therefore their beliefs and associations.
3) Post segmentation establishes what it takes to win within the segment and implement suitable HR strategies.
4) Strengthen internal communication around company Employee Value Proposition (EVP), Strengthen Internal experience of EVP before going external.