Value – Fit Organization

Business reasons evolve organization which gets steered by people .The common cause binds everyone together under one name. The vision may be written on a broader perspective but drills down to each individual. The accomplishment happens only with the realization of the set code. It then gets interpreted for every level and creates the realization of goals for each individual. The journey continues till the Code of the organization match with that of the individual.

During this association there is a lot of evolution that takes place that results in culture, process, delivery models etc. In this process of generation of the system, it acquires people friendly aspects. But as the time passes, the best practices become mundane. It then requires a redesigning of the periphery and there by the core gradually.

The employee self service model is a example of this evolution which will eventually shift to a new dimension. It doesn’t take too long for an integral function to become a hygiene factor. The vicious cycle of designing and redefining goes on till the process becomes too fine and ultimately gets rooted out by a new practice.

Let’s look into the example of the self service model. It offers an employee to check, manage and apply for leaves or reimbursement through the ERP. He can get his payslip and check the deductions made so far using the same ERP. This avoids the hassles from both the employee and the support team. There are other dash boards which helps an employee to understand the current talent scenario vis-à-vis the market .With the outsourcing mode taking its big leap these functions might further get concentrated and form a helix structure to create more meaningful service out of one ERP. As per the forecast made by SHRM on work place trend for the year ’07-’08 ,the growth of collaborative application development is predicted , which will allow non-programmers to develop application and content through established templates and share them with colleagues. A simple example of this is the Wiki.

The development of the policies can be explained in the similar way. Initially, the policies were formed around the business. Later they were fine tuned to suit the human aspect of the business. At times the Profit factor may create a domino effect, yet by the end a level playing field is formed between the human-profit factors.

Every development is directed towards the attainment of business goals and profit. If we delve deeper we find that value creation through the optimization of resources have been the secret to an organization‘s success.

Howard Schultz of Starbucks explains the value creation in an organization through his business strategies, wherein he states that the vision of a business would be operating at its best, if the team is capable of exposing roadblocks that keep it from consistently performing at an optimal level. These factors which are difference between ordinary and extraordinary may surface in the customer satisfaction, product, quality training or social involvement aspects of the organization .Exceptional success gets created by the feedback and resistance from customers, community groups and staff to observe details that create the difference .This is the route to bring dissenters into problem solving discussions and create structures in the organization that track emerging concerns.

The relations between the profit / attainment of the business goals, people and the value creation can be explained. The point we are driving here is, that organization aims for profits. The profit is driven by talent / workforce by leveraging on the potential and capabilities in order to create higher values.

Let’s take the example of Tim and Kate Glosinni3, the parent of the sextuplet. If we consider their scenario in the view of organization model, The reason why we are considering them as an organization because , it involves , a vision , a mission , limited resources , team formation initially by choice but later by design and maximum optimization of the competitive advantages. The story begins with Tim and Kate in their quest for expansion, lands up with an unusual scale. Initially they are shocked but as they redefine their vision they adjust with the environmental factors. They run into financial and behavioral issues as, one of the spouse lands out of job and there is challenges to deal with the behavioral issues of the twin daughters in order to get them accept the sudden shift in the circumstances. They leaders to the organization stand by their vision and venture further. Down the line, once the babies were born, they scale up their operations and with suitable amount of discipline the leaders manage the organization towards the goal they had planned.

To sum up, we intend to arrive at a point where in we stress that the organization in order to create better profits should concentrate on value creation through its resource or talent.