Hospitality Tourism and Event Management

Hospitality and Hotel Management careers have become much sought after and lucrative options for thousands of young professionals in India. The industry has changed significantly offering high salaries, stability and career growth. In fact, students with hospitality degrees are in high demand, not just from hotels but from variety of companies in the service sector.

However, the rising demand for trained professionals in the hospitality industry has resulted in a mushrooming of hotel schools that are churning out graduates, with little regard for ensuring that their training matches the needs of the industry.

Established in 2002, ITM Institute of Hotel Management has always been proactive in its approach to hospitality training. Unlike other hospitality schools; ITM IHM focuses on developing managers for the industry, relying on the ITM Group of institutions and its experience in MBA education.

Realizing that Hotel Management graduate are looking beyond careers in hotels, ITM IHM has collaborated with many industry partners and foreign institutions to develop advanced programs in hospitality and services management. The idea behind these programs is to provide graduates with a much wider choice of industries and sectors in which to pursue their careers giving them an edge over the thousands of hotel management graduates who complete for jobs in the hospitality sector.

Armed with multiple skills, business knowledge and industry specific know how ITM IHM students are able pursue diverse careers. What’s more ITM IHM focuses heavily on personal grooming soft skills language abilities and professional devilment – delivering a comprehensive and well developed educational experience to students.

ITM IHM’s degree programs in Hospitality are highly respected and valued by the industry. Affiliated to Mumbai University, the institute offers a 3 year B. Sc Hospitality studies program, as well as a B.A, International Hospitality Management program in collaboration with Queen Margaret University, UK. Both programs include a whole host of co-curricular activities, including industry visits industry training programs, extra-curricular activities ad a whole lot more.

The most important new ingredient in these programs is the industry’s first DUAL CERTIFICATE PROGRAM in Hotel Management.

This program is offered in collaboration with TWO of the country’s top most Institutions namely EMDI Institute of Media and Communications and Kuoni Academy of Travel. The Dual Certification programs combines ITM IHM Bachelor Degree in Hotel Management with a post graduate Diploma in either Travel and Tourism Management or Event management.

The students can thus achieve more specialization get higher industry exposure and more lucrative career opportunities as the courses have been crafted to suit the needs of the current hospitality industry.

The ITM Group of institutions was established in 1991. The Institute is India’s first truly private non- aided and not for profit B schools. Since then, the group has expanded significantly setting up campuses in Bangalore, Chennai, Warangal, Hyderabad, Nagpur and Vishakhapatnam. Today, the ITM Group of Institutions is a leading private not for profit educator, with campuses across 10 cities in India, educating over 4,500 students a year. ITM Group offers MBA, EMBA, Hospitality management, health Sciences and engineering programs.

The role of ITM is to build a string India with individuals capable to think, act and lead the increasingly complex business world. ITM strongly believes in the positives change that can be brought about by the individuals when they are empowered with knowledge to analyze, confidence to act on their decisions and perseverance to lead others in the pursuit of change.

The ITM Institute of Hotel Management is one of the Country’s premier Hospitality Schools an was established in 2002 with campuses in Navi Mumbai and Bangalore. The Institute conducts a number of programs such as B A International Hospitality Management (in collaboration with Queen Margaret University College UK). B.Sc Hospitality Studies (affiliated to Mumbai University) and a 2 year Advanced Chef Diploma Program.

ITM IHM provides you great value for your effort by allowing you to achieve much more. With its unique dual certificate programs combined with highly respected Bachelors programs in Hospitality Management ITM IHM offers you a choice of Post Graduate Diplomas in Travel and Tourism Management or Event Management.