Superior HR Solutions from last 2 decades

It is a well known fact that the right candidates are not available for the jobs available in the market. At one level, we are talking about the unemployment rampant in the ranks of degree holders as also the management graduates not finding suitable jobs for them, but at the same time industries are craving for the younger generation to accept challenges and prove themselves in the field.

When two academics and experts saw the state of affairs in the market around 1990, they decided to do something concrete about it, benefiting both the employers and the younger generation waiting to be taken in for work.

This was the beginning of an enterprise now well known as CONNEXION. The year was 1990 and the place was naturally the financial capital of India – Mumbai. Mr Vipin G Tuteja and Mr Srinivas Lad joined hands and an enterprise was initiated which would ultimately result in finding most suitable jobs for the younger generation.

Mr V G Tuteja had a M. Sc in Inorganic Chemistry (1974) form Bombay University to his credit with a inner urge to help young talents to fill in the gaps fruitfully for the establishments wanting to gallop to strengths. He therefore chose to do his Masters in Arts in Personnel Management and Industrial Relations from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai one of the premier Institutes in the country and completed this in 1976. Mrs V G Tuteja in the industry from 1976 to 1984. With a view to settle, in a business of his killing and that of public service as well, he further completed his LLB from Bombay University in 1979. In 1984 he started as a freelance consultant offering advisory services in arras related to Human Resources and industrial relations. At the same time, he practiced labor laws before the courts and Tribunals in Bombay and Thane.

Mr Srinivas had completed his post graduation as M A in personnel Management and Industrial Relations from Tata Institute of Scoial Sciences in 1984. Mr Srivnivas chose to work in the industry from 1984 to 1990 in order to have the first hand experience of Human Resources Development in Industry.

With these two similar minds coming together CONNEXIONS evolved as a mater of pride and normal culmination of resonant thoughts in 1990. Within a short span of time CONNEXIONS earned prestige among employers for making available the exact genre of people for their establishments.

As an Associate and a separate legal entity Mr Srinivas decided to set up COPORATE CONNEXIONS at Bangalore in 1994. Although with separate business entities the two organizations have maintained organic synergies business operations.

In fact there was nothing like what CONNEXIONS was offering in Mumbai. This was a full fledged Career Guidance and Development Center to the lift.

CONNEXIONS would assist qualified students to identify opportunities that match their qualifications, talent and aspirations.
CONNEXIONS would assist employed professionals to identify alternate employment options matching with qualifications and work experience besides personals ambition career aspirations.

CONNEXIONS assists employers to identify candidates based on a variety of parameters including those of corporate vision mission and culture.

The uniqueness of Executive Search by CONNEXIONS lies in the fact that it is conducted across various industries and all functional of business, covering all organizational level operations and with focus from senior Management Positions within the defined time frame and parameters.

It is generally known that requirement processes have undergone a vast change during the last decade or so. The exacting demands of the industries apart, they are now ready to offer a TRU package to the most deserving candidates.

In order to address the changed situation, CONNEXIONS decided to set up a unique JOB PORTAL. This platform is both for the candidates and the employers. The beauty of the platform lies in the fact that process offers speed efficiency and confidentiality. The portal is christened The portal is user friendly and takes just minutes to get into the position. Truly speaking, in is simply the easiest and fastest way to upload. The JOB PORTAL also enables a candidate to search a suitable job through just 3 simple criteria’s-function industry and location.