A Review to 3 ways to make your manager worship you

This article is a review to the 3 ways to make your manager worship you, which shares how can a reportee become precious to the reporting manager. Here we suggest certain pre-wire on the three points as mentioned in the article, to make the ideas a sure shot way to the success;

We can’t agree more with “Prototype your work”. There is no better way than getting inputs from the boss when the end result is not clear to the boss as well .Though there is a peril of being considered a novice and incapable of presenting a finished product ! This can be averted by preparing not just complete first 5 as suggested in the article but the structure and details of all the 50 slides as well As mentioned in the article ‘Deliver Quality on time ‘ shares ways how to get branded as ‘consider it done ‘. While following the steps as mentioned in the article, it would be helpful if we keep the bottlenecks of the process and trouble shoot it the first to ensure lesser hindrance.

Finally the point shared in the article as ‘You deliver bad news early’ is well written but it can lead to the branding of being the naysayer of the team. We suggest, while showing the boss what can go wrong its quintessential to suggest a solution. Most of the time, problems make greater noise before they come. Hence a calm approach to any troubles can create a better dependability with the reporting manager. Hence stay calm as you will cross the bridge when it comes, pre-wire the situation to drive out the fear factors for your boss.

Through all your work efforts and tactics we wish you success.