REMMY awards

The REMMY jury panel had their work cut out for them as an array of entries faced them – each more innovative and persuasive than the other. Wondering what were the set of metrics that the judges took into consideration while evaluating the nominees? After all, the past year wasn’t an easy one for recruitment advertising. We give a peek into what went on behind the curtains.

The REMMY (Recruitment Marketing) Awards are here again. On 26th March, 2010, stalwarts of India Inc will come together on a common platform to appreciate and acknowledge advertisements that epitomize the landscape of recruitment advertising in India.

A few Decades ago, the concept of recruitment advertising was almost non-existent. And today, it has become a force to reckon with. Who would have thought that even in the past year (a turbulent time for the Indian economy) when organizations resorted to harsh measures like pay cuts in an endeavor to ride the storm, we would still receive a heartening response in terms of entries from organizations and ad agencies like? That’s the significance of recruitment advertising in today’s times! Organizations have realized that the sole differentiating factor that gives an organization an edge over the rest is its employees. And hence, hiring the right talent is of paramount importance to organizations. And in order to achieve just that, it‘s vital that HR and marketing /advertising executives join hands and interact on a common platform. There was a time when HR and marketing were perceived as separate functions or departments. They never shared a working rapport. Employees who contributed to these disciplines belonged to their respective schools of thought and have their own fundas. But today, amidst a war for talent wherein organizations are vying for the best talent it has become mandatory for HR and marketing/advertising to shake hands and devise strategies to fulfill a common vision of recruiting the best. Hence, successful recruitment messages are formulated when HR clearly conveys its recruitment needs and with the help of effective strategies and media the advertising team helps towards brainstorming and exciting an ad that reaches to the right Job seeker. And the REMMY’s is just the right platform for appreciating the talent and hard work that goes into creating innovative recruitment ads. The recruitment ads though have to be simple and clear, also need to have an aspiration value and an edge that can drive a candidate to apply for a particular firm over the rest. And how can this be achieved? This can be achieved only when HR and advertising work in tandem and translate ideas into real time application. Take this test to evaluate your chances of becoming a proud winner of a REMMY: 1) Is your ad aspirational and does it interact with prospective employee directly about the advantages of being associated with the advertised company? 2) Does it specifically position the company as preferred place to work? 3) Does it convey the right employer branding messages and requirements of the job in a creative manner? 4) Does it emphasize the benefits one can derive while working with the company? If your answer is ‘yes’ to the above questions yours is a successful recruitment ad.

An initiative like this REMMY can provide the right platform for organizations and ad agencies alike interact on a common meeting ground and explore the various opportunities available in the field of recruitment advertising. Its great initiative to promote an advertising area that is undervalued. For a recruitment message to be effective it should have the ability to create awareness among potential candidates and high on employer branding.

With the changing times, recruitment ads have gained lot of significance. And the REMMY is a great initiative as it plays a active role towards showcasing and highlighting needs and the importance of recruitment advertising. It’s a great encouragement for the entire industry. Last year’s work was a benchmark. Somehow, that element was missing in this year’s work due to the tough job environment. For a good recruitment message to be successful it has to be clean and should have the ability to jump of the page.