An international MBA

Give your career an edge with international management education from Jaro education and United Business institute, Belgium.

How would an international MBA help to get fast career growth in India and abroad?

An International MBA program is designed to provide knowledge of domestic as well as international management subjects, insight in international business culture and an environment which would give confidence to secure a good managerial qualification in India as well as overseas. Multinational companies in India prefer executive with knowledge and insight of the international business culture and environment.

In the MBA program offered by United Business Institutes, Belgium, Europe they provide live / recorded lectures, international case studies and online discussions which enhance your analytical skills and make you understand how to solve complex business problems thus providing a competitive edge to your career and growth.

In this program, at limited cities, they also offer guest lectures from senior industry experts who cater to the needs of working executives as these experts share their industry experiences which indeed is the need of students and working professionals in today’s ever growing and fast changing business environment. During guest lectures or live / recorded sessions you get business knowledge from CEOs and an opportunity to interact with executives from different industries, function from different industries and having diverse background and professionals.

Would a Virtual Classroom Facility (VCF) be effective in grooming students?

Through VCF, the institution provides live / recorded lectures which can be attended at a convenient time from home or office in any part of India. The main advantage of VCF is that a student or executive can gain knowledge and skills without any time or geographical barriers. The course enabled with VCF specifically designed for working professionals, housewives, businessmen and others who cannot attend classroom sessions. This creates infinite potential for learning ad development. In USA the usage of online learning like VF is 1000% more than in India.

Does UBI have any accreditations?

Yes, UBI and Jaro Education have multiple accreditations from authorities like

1) UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation services)
2) ASCB (E) (Accreditation Services for certifying Bodies Europe Ltd).
3) AS-ANZ (Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand)

How is an International MBA better than general MBA?

International MBA (1 year) through Distance learning has seven international subjects out of total of 15 subjects whereas generally domestic MBA has only 2 to 3 international subjects.

International MBA provides exposure to international topics, accounting practices, laws, culture, business environment and aspects of international relations.

International faculty teaches a few international subjects, there by giving global exposure to students without leaving India. These are subjects which are commonly taught in the US, UK, and Australia.

Jaro education has joined hands with United Business Institutes, Belgium Europe to provide international management education which enhances the student’s chances for an excellent international career and job.

Yes, International MBA program fees are around Rs 36,000. An easy installment facility is also available.

Which specializations are available in MBA program offered by UBI, Belgium, and Europe?

International MBA or International Executive MBA offers you various specializations: Finance, HR, Marketing, Operations, Retail, Health care, Banking, and Insurance. Advertising and Media, General management, Leadership and Entrepreneurship Information Technology Pharmaceutical, Hospitality and Tourism, Supply Chain, Hospital and Power

First prepare a list of four to five countries you would be interested in do visit them so that you know the following factors better:

1) The cost of living, culture and the quality of life.
2) Understand the earning and saving potential.
3) Children’s education and upbringing, spouse a career prospects, parents comfort.
4) Understand the migration process.