HR – The Game Changer

Every early practise enjoys a fair run till a game changer arrives .In the market for services initially, a need is identified, and product and service is attached to it and delivered to the end-user. At times the prerequisites to the service offered may not completely be identified which may lead to a problem in usage by the end-user, finally extinction for the service.

Kris Dunn in First Mover Vs Game Changer compared the Microsoft Money to He clearly stated that when the functionality of a service is increased with a promise of availability, the value generated from the result becomes highest. He shares his experience of using Microsoft Money for long and then realising how Mint is a smarter product to personal finance management. Initially he had to use Microsoft Money, which required him to buy and download the software, install it into the PC and upgrade it as the complexity of his requirement grew. Whereas Mint was free, online, account based with accessibility from any computer. Thus rooting out Microsoft Money from him.

He further draws this analogy to certain HR initiatives as a game changer to the traditional practices. Here we emphasize the points he shared with certain practices within the industry.

He suggests making focussed and increased spending in the first two years of every new manager. It’s a practice which is followed by companies such as Tata Steel, where when a Management Trainee is identified as a star performer, he is put in a fast track training program and is sent to premier B-school for focussed grooming. This ensures greater grooming in the early years hence a better success rate for the new managers.

The next idea is investment in career planning of team members irrespective of their choice to follow a career path outside the organization. Most of the corporate have been encouraging alumni, where in if a talent who have been groomed for higher roles within the organization if suddenly leaves is encouraged to be part of the alumni. Smart exit policies and processes are set so that the talent can work in other companies and return to the organization with greater knowledge and experience. Leaders are encouraged to keep in touch with the repartees even after leaving the organization so as to facilitate the re-hire process. This stands beneficial to both ways.

Kris finds the training capacities to be the most required parameter in order to be promoted to the managerial role. At EDS Corporation, leaders were encouraged not just to groom and train the high performers but to make non-performers perform. The growth of a manager was measured by the degree of improvement of the weakest team member.

Few more game changers would be ‘Policy Connect’, a program where new employees are asked their understanding of the policies. This brings in a lot of clarity for acceptance of the new measures.

Blogging by the employees is the biggest step towards learning and development. Author Evangelist Don Tapscott shares that Blogging is a must in nGenera Insight. The executive learning is measured through blogging. He believes, one has to read and experience to share their knowledge through. We agree there can be no better way of evaluating the same.

The next step is Social networking within the organization. The productivity of the organization is said to have been increased through encouraging informal groups especially in large organizations. Professor Blake Ashforth compares the small groups in the lower part of the organization continuum to a group of tribal. He shares that the small group of employee would estimate the organization by the way their immediate environment is. More importantly some genuine interests in thier life create a caring environment for them. He stresses that knowing people on the individual level makes them car an organization’s chances of achieving its big goals and initiatives depends on how these goals are perceived through the lens of the tribe, and how that tribe interprets and acts on theme for each other more and give the benefit of doubt and goodwill. This creates an incomparable cushion which eases the everyday friction. Once the small groups are established and indentified its important to connect them with the wider organization. In his words “an organization’s chances of achieving its big goals and initiatives depends on how these goals are perceived through the lens of the tribe, and how that tribe interprets and acts on them”. This idea is phenomenal and is quintessential in every change management program.

Finally Practices such as “What it means to Work here ” being challenged by ” What’s in it for me to work here ”  is a path breaking one. GBG Inc successfully practices this concept where every policy, benefits and the compensation structure is benchmarked with the industry leader and then shared with the employees. The focus from glorifying the organization has shifted to requirement the employee. This program requires every employee to know what they deserve in terms of compensation and growth vis-a-vis to the best of industry offering.

We look forward to more practices as this which will create a complete new dimension for HR.