Branding Digital Identity for Individuals

Aristotle believed “To succeed in business it is necessary to make others see things as you see them”. In the digital era the words resonates more where in a Human Resource Manager would have defined selection rounds to choose the best talents. Individuals have to make an impact right from the time they have been referred to a company or their resume is screened from a job portal.

Phil Rosenberg, Kellogg Graduate, President ReCareered, in his findings shared how digitally branding can influence a hiring decision. He shares the web -based social network through Facebook and LinkedIn. His idea of presents oneself in beyond the bounds of resume. He even stresses the mindful usage of Twitter and Blog to showcase the intellectual capabilities of an individual.

Individual branding starts with the definition of what person wants to be within a definite period of time. This includes identifying the core skills which can be advertised and few more which would be acquired, e.g. a person can have a flair for writing but how to write business proposal or any other work related document requires to be learnt .Once a vision is drawn then begins the preparation towards pre-wiring the odds. It’s important that we count what are the areas which we wouldn’t be able to handle. This includes categorization of the elements in our surrounding such as certain sectors where our knowledge might not be in a plug and play mode. It will allow us to decide on what we want to eliminate. Thereafter focus on the target market, what medium would you choose for them and how often you would touch base. This needs to couple with how you differentiate yourself with your competition and price tag that you declare for yourself.

Ideally every individual starts with branding through a personal website with a web portfolio which is followed by, linking it to the social communities. Depending on the target market, certain knowledge takeaways are created through informational videos, blogging and case study for the visitors and readers to ensure their return. The social network is established with a word of mouth which remains constant action. Apart from this interactions in social communities and blogs establish the knowledge level of an individual. But publishing posts aren’t always enough. In order to get the right kind of attention, it’s important to comment on like minded well visited blogs and communities to increase visibility.

Finally the taste of pudding will always lie in eating it! The digital branding will work as good as the brand is. Harrison Monarth in his book Executive Presence: The Art of Commanding Respect Like a CEO shares why self-branding is no longer a choice and what your personal brand says about you. He writes “Your brand is not just what you can do; it is a sum that includes how you do it and who you are in the process. It is the power of that sum total, its ability to influence choices and consequences that can make you stand out.”