Stilettos in the Newsroom – a Talent Perspective

Rashmi Kumar a journalist with Business India penned ‘Stilettos in the Newsroom ‘. She shares the journey of a talent as a fresh journalist come a full circle. Her book reveals the learning stages which resonates with every careerist .It starts with protagonist’s slip ups and proceed on to make many more. In our career it happens that when we try to control we tend to make more mistakes and sometime invent them as well. But this is how our learning begins. The best part is we may never get to implement what we have learnt from our mistake but gain an insight to identify the patterns and make most of our future. This book shares the relationships we come across at work . We are neither friends nor enemies. We travel on the same boat trying to outdo each other. We prune ourselves through the reporting or non-reporting interactions    Its depends on our emotional intelligence of how we value them or manage their treatment. Ultimately, the alignments of our goals build successful team. We took this Interview at the book launch ver well organized by Landmark, Pune.

CiteHR: Congrats on your book .We read rare reviews about your book on IBN Live. A movie was suggested to be made out of this book
Rashmi: Thanks. That would be a dream

CiteHR: So do we have an Ann Fletcher in making?
Rashmi: Hey I am her fan, thank you .That’s a great compliment.

CiteHR: Would we find a  ‘ Ms. Miranda Preistly’ in this book?
Rashmi: [smiles] That’s for the readers to uncover!

CiteHR: Why is the book titled as ‘ Stilettos in the Newsroom ’? Why a glamorous product and not any other symbol of power or something geeky?
Rashmi: The book is about a simple girl who likes being glamorous. I am myself a glamorous human being. I like and enjoy being so. In fact, this thought about the name did cross my mind, but I was confident that I wanted it that way.

CiteHR: The book shares the journey of a careerist. What is your message to a novice or a newbie?
Rashmi: Be fearless to accept your ignorance and mistakes. Eventually everything falls in its place. Be willing to accept change and what comes to you. Even now when a new task is given to me if it is unknown to me, I say that. When I was chosen for Business India, I told my boss I don’t know much about it.  He mentored to focus on the areas that became my strength. And now it’s been one year and I am enjoying it.

CiteHR: We wish you all the very best and thank you for your words
Rashmi: Thank you so much.

The reading session had the author read out the last chapter wherein Radhika Kanetkar, the protagonist matures and levels the understanding with her boss .She brings together the team to deliver the much needed performance.

We wish Rashmi all the best for her future.