The gruesome mistake of doing overtime

Working overtime is something most of us hate. But sometimes, some tend to work beyond daily hours because of snags in our style of functioning. Working overtime can lead to workaholism which is injurious to health. Here is a six point prescription to cure the ailment effectively and take the overtime bull by the horns:

The best way to counter a problem is by nipping it in the bud. You have to identify the areas which lead to overburdening of workload. Evaluate your working style, review your laidback attitude, and ponder if you tend to leave those hour itsy-bitsy tasks for the next day. Other habits like doing many tasks simultaneously should also be discouraged since it creates confusion and delays.

Daily Planners are a boon to people who keep running into overtime. Without a proper time table one can’t keep track of all of the day’s work. Consequently such people have to stay longer at the office before calling it a day. Proper to do lists ensure that even on a tight day, you to do not miss out on anything.

Acknowledge your limits:

As principle you should periodically review your output and acknowledge your capacity. Once you have a fair idea of that, you would know much work you can cover by the end of the day. The idea is to take assignments according to your capacity and abstain from any other activity before completing the first.

A sound sleep is indispensable for healthy mind and active body. Incomplete naps invariably result in a heavy mind and lose focus which drastically affects ones performance. That is the reason why people who don’t sleep properly are often left with a lot of work at the day’s end since they cannot complete even regular tasks on time.

Indulge in extra curriculum:

Exercise, jog, walk or dance whatever is your cup of tea, get your body moving. Morning walks and workouts energize your entire body, sharpen instincts and help you take the office bull by the horns with a refreshing zeal.

Many people commit the gruesome mistake of doing overtime purposely to impress upon seniors, particularly in the first days of office or during appraisal season . It is akin to chaining your own self, since it becomes difficult to get out of the loop after cementing a dedicated image in the eyes of bosses. After all, it is not working hard but working smart that can tilt the balance in your favor.

A solution for overtime is working from home if necessary, reaching home in time and also attend to domestic chores or family needs.

Are you a new mother trying to juggle both, motherhood and work commitments? Is health a predicament stopping you from working from office?

Long hours of commute to work and attending office from nine to six have become so passé. Today, telecommuting is the key and many progressive organizations have recognized the need for it. But making it productive demands a more serious approach from the employee. The employee who is working from home needs to maintain the same level of discipline as working in the office. Employees must ensure that he/she has the necessary accessories like laptop secure ID card, broadband with appropriate bandwidth etc. He/she must have suitable arrangements made to come over to office in case of a conference call, meeting client visit, and long power failure at home etc. Working from home doesn’t mean that you are relaxing and taking a break from work. Effective time management and task prioritization are important to enhance productivity. Consider your goals schedule and plan before starting your work each day. Also, one should limit distractions and take breaks only when needed. An employee should ensure that he /she has a defined number of work hours and is prompt enough to reply to calls/emails and is able to differentiate timings for household chores.