Designers in all fields find high paying jobs

Earlier the terms designing referred to textile designing, fashion and graphic designing. However, today the scope of designing has widened to encompass many more avenues such as product designing, interactive media designing games designing etc. For young students with a creative bent of mind the field has truly opened up whole new vistas of promising careers.

Designers in all fields find high paying jobs or set up their own studios / consultancies catering to design needs of various companies. Even career options differ with the field one specializes in. For example if you have completed a course in fashion designing you can become a costume designer; fashion consultant fashion designer fashion forecaster, fashion illustrator , fashion merchandiser ; fashion stylist , pattern designer; quality controller , fashion coordination etc. Similarly designers can work in various capacities in other fields such as jewelry design, games design, product design, multimedia design, interior design, graphic design and much more.

Product designers usually get work opportunities in production and manufacturing companies and professionals design studios. Visual communication designers work in fields like media industry publishing and advertisement firms and of late, in the IT industry as well. With a few years of experience, designers can get into design management and R&D. Besides designers can always venture into freelancing once they gain adequate understanding of the industry.

All in all, the scope has never been as immense for designers as it is today.

It helps to assist a well know designer or attach yourself to a design firm and gain industrial knowledge initially. It also helps you learn from your mistakes, as you struggle to find your feet in your career. Apart from that a good designer or a good design firms will only help you grow and become a good professional. Though there is no immediate gratification in terms of money on this path in the long run, it will definitely be most rewarding.

Designing is the blend of artistic talents and creativity. Good visualization, observational skills, and an aesthetic sense are also required and can be developed with the right training. Effective communication skills facilitate a designers understanding with his / her client as well as the craftsman.

Product designing is the hottest new career in the designing industry. It offers a scope more expansive than any of the other designing careers. Product design is quite simply designing products like a car, a chair, a perfume bottle, a refrigerator or even a space satellite. A student interested in pursuing product designing as career and choose any of the following fields of design – consumer products design, medical equipment design, transportation design, point of purchase and branding lifestyle and apparel design, interaction design educational products, environmental design, material exploration design of bamboo and cane products furniture design etc.

Marketing gives you a general view of the field fashion marketing the elements of advertising design and business administration as well as a solid understanding of the Fashion world, in order to take a new clothing line and get it the attention to be successful.

A course in fashion marketing would thus enable you to kick start a promising career in this field.

Game designing involves designing the content (graphics) and setting up the rules of the game.

You can enter the field in various capacities such as that of a games designer / artist mobile games, developer online interactive games developer multimedia games designer, special effects artist level designer / builder.

A fresher in the gaming field can expect a salary ranging from Rs 15 to 20K per month. Several factors such as location, size of the company and internship experience affect the potential salary of a fresher.

Not al designers can draw. Being able to draw may help from time to time. But it’s no imperative to becoming a talented and successful designer. Understanding composition color theory good visualization abilities and good knowledge of the fundamentals of designing is what makes the difference. Moreover computer aided design software can help you in bringing your imagination to life.

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