Every working professional thinks and tries to get away guilt free when it comes to fulfilling is/her social obligations towards the society in general. We also con ourselves into believing that there is nothing that we can do except sign a cheque or denote clothes the next time a tsunami or earthquakes comes up in some part of the country.

However, sit back and re-evaluate the above statements as they are all a thing of the past. What we are telling you is that there is an easy way to not just donate a particular sum of money from your monthly salary to a charity of your choice, but also track how every rupee has been spent – that too from your desk? Think it’s a scam? It isn’t it’s called payroll giving (PRG).

Payroll giving is a wonderful way to provide employees with an opportunity to give back to the society; monthly deductions provide employees with the ease of donating through small amounts. The list of options provided to employees helps them plan their donation based on what they wish to contribute. The options provided cover all areas of target and intervention, thus allowing the employee to choose a cause that he /she believes in.

It’s a noble idea which enables us to fulfill our social responsibilities at a time when life is so fast that even though we have an inclination to extend a helping hand towards others, because of lack of time and correct platform we are unable to do so. Giving a small portion of one’s salary satisfies in part the social urge of the employee and in the process helps the community at large.

In case an employee is interested in the PRG program of the organization all he /she needs to do is approach your boss or the management and let them get touch with organizations like Give India, United Way, and Charities Aid Foundation which are affiliated to various NGOs and charities. Once the program has been set up in your organization, you an get started. Every month your employer deducts a specific sun form your salary and hands it over to the organization for disbursal to the designated charity. All donations are completely voluntary and you have full control over the amount you want to give.

To make this practice a success, the organization to has to take steps, which will encourage the employee to play his /her role towards ensuring the betterment of the society. All efforts are made to create awareness about the payroll giving program. The details along with the registration form is included in the joining kit and also hosted on the bank’s intranet. Regular mailers and updates are sent out and drives are carried out in hub locations

The employees receive regular updates on how their money has been spent and the impact that the contribution has made. For instance if you sponsor child’s education, you will be informed of his/her progress through the school. Besides the feedback, the accountability ad transparency not to mention the tax benefits either 50 per cent or 100 per cent under Section 80G depending on the NGO you choose built into the process also helps assuage fears bout one’s money being misused. Since it’s a voluntary program employees are free to choose the quantum of contribution and also the mount. It varies depending on the nature of the event towards which the contribution is made and the satisfaction the employee gets that his/her funds are not being misused.

Generally when there is a distinct cause our employees become more active towards the PRG program. For example during floods that hit Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh last year, we managed to donate handsome sum of the HOPE foundation of which the payroll donation amount was more than 50 percent of the total amount. However, in our monthly payroll donation program no discreet cause is known to the employee. We motivate them through our various CSR activities that keep taking place on a regular basis.

However, in this time of job hopping, what happens to the amount donated every month in case the employee decides to switch his /her job form one company to another? In the case where person moves from a company that has a PRG program to another one that doesn’t PRG consultants allow him/her to continue contributions from his/her bank account. So there is nothing much to worry about even if you decide to switch jobs or careers as you can still do your bit for the human race. So all you have to be armed with is a will to do good for someone else and the inclination to part with a small amount of money from your total salary.

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