Fire your dreams

One of the country’s finest universities, the Vellore institute of technology (VIT), has declared war on the limited number of opportunities available for deserving students to continue with their higher education, by offering a staggeringly large number of scholarships for students from across the country.

The Vellore Institute of technology (VIT) ha announced an ambitious scholarship scheme called IGNITE Scholarships, open to students form across the country which will see the top three ranked students from each state offered a full waiver of tuition fees for the duration of the course that they opt for at the university.

What ought to be the purpose of a school a college or a university? Is it enough if such institutions continue to churn out large numbers of young men and women armed with degrees of varying nature and subjects? Or ought we to look at these institutions as one of the more important weapons in our struggles against illiteracy and all the attendant demons that piggyback on the inability of large proportion of our population to read, write or speak, with any degree of fluency?

In an ideal world, were one such to exist were one such to exist we would probably ask for a mix of the two. We would probably ask that while universities remain prized seats of learning and knowledge, as difficult to get in to as heaven for bad man (for that is what makes them such prized destinations) they not forget the foundation upon which much of modern society is based – that of the freedom to think and explore the world as each person may best se fit. Such freedom is best, though not necessarily only, gained through time spent in contemplation and learning, which brings us back to the university.

The Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) has announced an ambitious scholarship scheme (IGNITE Scholarships) open to students form across the country, which will see the top three ranked students from each State offered a full waiver of tuition fees for the duration of the course that they opt for at the university . The offer is open to students from across all school education board form each of the states an union Territories in the country.

Founder and Chancellor Dr G Viswanthan is a very happy man as he talks about the motivation behind the size and numbers of scholarships on offer at VIT. I am exceedingly fortunate in that I was the only one from my village to have pursued a higher education and have been able to taste the kind of success that I have. Not only do I feel that I must give back to the world which has given me so much, I am also convinced that it becomes my responsibility to ensure that I can help as many talented young men and women to realize their dreams as possible…

The IGNITE Scholarship are also open to students placed within the top 100 ranks in the Vellore Institute of Technology’s Engineering Entrance Exam (VITEEE). We will offer a full waiver of tuition fees, for the first three ranks from each state and Union Territory (across all boards) additionally we will also offer the same scholarships to students placing within the first 50 ranks in our entrance exams. We will also offer a 50 per cent waiver of fees, for the entire duration of the course that the student selects, for those candidates placed within ranks 51 to 100 in our entrance exams.

The gesture is grand, be assured, do remember – it could how be very easy to fire your dreams into reality.

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