Travel Trends

In referencing data included from the World Travel and tourism Council, the trends continue to indicate significant growth in the industry in India. From not only a local but global perspective issues in security continue to be a concern that has impact the performance of the industry. However, from a research perspective, the industry continues to grow. Awareness and stringent security measures being adopted by all institutions has led to a safer environment and this in turn has led to a positive image.

In India and across the globe there will be a high demand for professional employees in the travel and hotel industry in 2010-11. The Incredible India campaign has made India a sought after destination. Many other areas such as eco, wellness, themes parks, and religious places need efficient and professional employees to build the growing tourism sector in India. The Common wealth games in India alter this year will provide many opportunities in this sector.

Today in India and other developing countries there is a huge rise in well traveled sophisticated and savvy consumers. Among the skills that the industry demands form prospective employees include a significant business understanding with a keen ability to provide great service. While the service component isn’t necessarily new, it’s becoming more relevant given the highly competitive nature of the industry.

Generally speaking the growth in the hotel industry both in the short and long term tends to be the most productive stream for students studying hospitality. However, one must also consider the various allied areas such as restaurants, convention facilities spas, etc that are supported by the hospitality industry.

Largely the employment prospects are still strong. While it’s not as consistent as was he case in the past (within particular regions of the world) the growth is still strong. Students starting these programs now would have completed their degree in the next three to four years. At that point, the industry should have gained a solid footing.

There are certain streams such as restaurants and hotels that ill remain very consistent in the foreseeable future. However, there are routinely new areas (examples would be things such as eco-tourism medical tourism etc) that are relatively new aspects of this industry. Thus, I would consider it to be both consistent innovative based on customer needs and wants.

Asset management spa/resort management and gaming /casio management. There are specialized courses offered to suitably equip students.

Asset management

When students enroll for this course they study the real estate markets and management and in-depth financial analysis. With this qualification students can pursue management careers at real estate investment trusts (REITS) and major consulting as well as holding companies.

Spa / resort management:

The current well traveled sophisticated and health conscious international and Indian traveler visits spas in five star hotels and resorts. The Indians spa and wellness industry is expected to grow rapidly due to inbound travel and rise in the standard of living in India. International spa companies are now launching in India. While Indian spa companies are expanding their business indicating a demand and need for experienced professionals in this sector. Indian saps rank among the best in the world and are aligned with the medical tourism industry to provide recuperative holiday packages to tourists. Hence, spa management will be good career option in India.

Gaming and casino management

The gaming industry is witnessing immense boom in other countries and is now being perceived as a good platform in India too. Many gaming companies have launched in India. Casino gaming is considered the biggest revenue generator for any country. Thus this too is a good career option across the world.