Acknowledge extra efforts in work


There are employers who believe in giving you what you deserve, exactly when you deserve it. This in spite of the fact the boss never seems to acknowledge your efforts at the proper time.

Let us understand some cases in actual work situations given below:

KC is one of the lucky ones. He got promoted from ‘Software Developer’ to ‘Module Leader’ at a well known software company say ‘N’. KC says that earlier promotions were predominantly dependent on the immediate manager but the new promotion practice is very much employee-oriented. It gives a chance to present and express their views to the review committee of the employees at ‘N’. KC strongly feels that the new practice gave the opportunity to drive his case and put forward reasons for asking for a promotion before the review committee. Of course this is with all the performance and contributions made during the year.

The Recommending Manager in KC’s case agrees that the conventional format had major drawback favoritism. If such a practice continues the neglected employee feels that he is ready for a promotion, he can go through the role review sheets and understand where he stands vis-à-vis organizational standards. If the manager doesn’t approve, it can be escalated one level up. This helps deserving candidates secure a promotion.

Monthly Promotions:

At a Multiplex Cinema every individual desiring a promotion presents the required performance-related document during monthly meetings with the company directors. Promotions and perks for deserving employees are based on this interaction

Recognizing employee capital and the quality of work of each employee is essential. A lack of this can result in a loss of interest. It is also very important to reward them and test them with more responsibilities so that they feel like an integral part of the organization that is in this case the multiplex.

Getting nominated is good enough. Tata AIG Insurance has a monthly program where employees are asked to vote for the performers of the month. These votes are then monitored by a committee (including the VP and HR staff). This initiative has given employees the impetus to consistently deliver, as all these achievements are considered at the end of the year too. The question arises whether it is fair to judge a person’s performance purely on the basis of votes. The reply is “No� because it is a recognition program and not a voting program. Employees are not rewarded purely on the basis of the number of nominations. There is a panel comprising of the Zonal Heads, the HR head and some department heads that decides on who the deserving people are. So there is no scope for any bias.

Promotions are based on the organization’s structural needs and on individual potential. If there is a need within the organization and for a particular role, then it is definitely looked at giving that opportunity to deserving candidates clarifies the V.P (HR). Innovative promotion practices as mentioned above are accelerating performances so as to help the organization effectively compete in the market.

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