Vocation Wise

With the demand for skilled workers in foreign countries increasing, students who haven’t yet decided on the courses they plan to take up have the option of enrolling for vocational courses abroad.

Let’s face it. Almost everyone with strong career aspirations wants to study engineering, biological sciences, computer science business management at the undergraduate and master’s level in universities abroad. These are considered as prudent, serious and ambitious career paths that can never go wrong. With the industries growing rapidly, there are plenty of jobs and a globalized Indian economy has facilitated exponential employment growth for people with the right skills.

While this sunny scenario does hold good for all students who have chosen their subjects based on affinity core strengths and comfort level, they succeed and progress to bright performances academic and beyond. However, there are a few who study these subjects because they get caught up in the mad rush to follow conventional wisdom. Because these subjects are the harbingers of a lucrative future, they can not be ignored under any circumstances. Go with the crowd, you won’t get lost. So they say.

Stand out

In this madness of following the conventional academic disciplines, many talented students lose their dreams halfway or sooner. They realize that they are studying subjects that are mere subjects for study. These do not stimulate them to think. Do not excite tem to experiment and do not catalyze them to perform. Only the vast hopeless expanse of infertile sand remains producing no culmination of their initial dreams.

Yet, there are those who want to follow their new dreams. An increasing number of students are opting to study in universities abroad that have create a large niche is quite developed in institutions abroad and are therefore available in structured programs of study. Pursuit of vocations like fashion designing, 3D animation, multimedia applications and special effects, photographs, wildlife conservation, environmental science , human rights, social anthropology , oceanography, pharmacognosy, toy designing, ergonomics, counseling psychology, forensic science, cosmology, disaster management , nursing , optometry, education for children with special needs sound recording and editing , interior architecture and design are increasing manifold and are few examples of very promising career paths. Perhaps these are path less traveled but are nonetheless happy paths.

This is a healthy sign. The emergence of new professional paths that fit and match students who have no affinity for technology and other sciences is a boon as the young minds with distinct visions of their own can now pursue their chosen paths.

Opportunities Aplenty

Internationally opportunities in hitherto lesser known vocations are growing. The increase in awareness has ensured that our youth are becoming aware of the professional applications and possibilities of studying the likes of 3D animation, human rights, psychology designing and other such interesting and stimulating fields of work. Importantly these vocations now find a large enough commercial audience to target their skills professionally for gain. Globalization has created a marketplace wide enough to encompass not just technology and information sciences but also media, environment, behavioral sciences, education and other relatively unknown professional products and services.

The continued upsurge and demand for vocational degree programs like fashion, photography, wildlife conservation, human rights, 3D animation and many more in universities abroad in the age of a skewed bias towards study of technology is a welcome breath of fresh air. This opens up a wide vista of possibility for students with unconventional skill sets and ambitious that do not adhere to the straight and narrow of traditionally approved decisions. The time has come when all those youngsters who wanted their passions to turn into professions are now free to do so. Any trend in this globalized world that enables dreams to be followed to their joyful fruition to give wings to doodles and make them butterflies is very healthy and welcome.