Knowledge – preneuring

A set of data woven together becomes information. When information is meaningfully applied it stands apart as knowledge . Every tool remains unserved till a talented hand picks it and uses to  create a work of an art. This co – creation of the value from information and means by human creates knowledge. Aristote explained in epistemology  the structure for knowledge. He explained the five different levels as Epistémé or factual , Téchné or skill based action oriented , Phrónésis or experiential practical wisdom , Noûs or intuition , Sophía or theoretical of universal rules. The framework of the these levels generate different results out of almost the same information.

Info-preneuring is a process where an individual  prepares a database for the benefit of its customer. Knowledge – preneuring  is the following step where this information is  rightly processed for the benefit of its user  and implemented for the best results . For e.g; if a Real Estate Broker share the market rate of house then he is info-preneuring. But when this broker share the incremental change in the value of the house for a fixed time period along with comparative gain over other houses in the same price range ,  then it becomes knowledge. Finally when the broker helps the buyer to decide for a particular loan which will help  the buyer to gain through the incremental change of the value of the house inspite of the marginal increase in the interest rate of the loan, then it becomes a complete Knowledge – preneuring .

Similarly for an HR Manager, when a concern is shared from a Business unit . The HR Manager identifies the pattern in the situation . Thereby a solution is offered after in-depth research including  discussion with experts , reading research papers and relevant books . It becomes  Knowledge – prenuring when the HR Manager works as a think tank to the Business Unit heads and helps them to implement the solutions. Its similar to offering a tool and sharing when not to use it, bridging the gap between the theory and model .

Finally the key lies in  Aristotle’s Knowledge Management which focusses on the way challenges are met in acquisition, organization, and distribution of knowledge .

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