Choose your Careers

Aptitude Tests or Psychometric Tests can help students decide the most suitable options.

Knowing your skill sets and inclinations through scientifically evolved and evaluated tests could be the best way to know your career paths.

You are at the thresholds of your life when you would like to decide what you. While your parents might be keen to make you an engineer or a doctor as those have been the most beaten paths and are presumed to secure your future forever, you could be interested in something which you might not be even knowing or have a vague knowledge about.

Often in schools teachers tell students to think about what they would like to be and even make them write essays. But really how many of us actually give it a good thought?

With choices widening every now and then, we have enough options as much as we are confused too at times. Peer pressures also work on us and we end up choosing what we may give up halfway.

The best time to plan for your career path is while you are in high school. One way to know is to read up on things that interest you.

Another way to find out about your interest is to take aptitude tests or psychometric tests. Nearly all schools, designed on modern parameters have counselors and psychoanalysts who either design or use pre-designed aptitude tests. These give you near accurate results about your inclination and even sustenance of your interest in order to let you know if you really like to pursue what you think you are interested in, For instance you could be in love with art, but you may not have the aptitude to be a painter; perhaps you have the inclination to become an art curator.

Says Advani who markets some of these products in schools and even in corporates Some of these tests are designed to cater to students for class 9 to 12 and they can take the tests more than once at different stages to reaffirm their interests and pursue them with greater understanding.

Even parents must encourage their children to take these tests. It helps to choose with knowledge in the long run as the student feels happy pursuing the career he is truly interested in.

That done, it is best to know what you could expect form the field that interests you. If you someone in your family and your friend’s circle, you could talk to them about actual experiences and work opportunities. It is all about making sure you choose what you want to do. The main thing is that you enjoy it. You could want to be a photographer, but would not dare to take it up seriously for the fear of struggle or for the feeling of being unsure as to what would you do about it, how you would use it for a full time profession . These aptitude tests and researchers help you allay your fears.

So get out there! There are many career paths in the world of today and we probably have just too many to choose from. That could compound your confusion, but do take advantage of this opportunity. Follow your dreams, because if you work hard enough it is likely that you enjoy every bit of it while making money out of it