Managing cold war – The soccer way

A discussion was raised in CiteHR about a cold war between two teams in a department.

Here we consider the situation taking a leaf out of the Soccer principles. The situation is defined where two teams have freezed  their goals and  drawn a line between each other .  The HR Manager may require to play the role of a mediator or even a coach to the game. Hence we take a  deeper look into the situation . We realise that the two groups have polarized under tow conflicting believes. At this point we assume that both the team wants to excel by working towards the organizational goals.

Identify the mental terrain  : The first task of the HR Manager is to map the motivational terrain for the two teams . Identify what are the goals and approaches , so as to predict report the ideas suggested

  1. Talent Hunter : Every talent in the teams and their behaviour would differ. The performance of a talent is directly proportional to the right fitment . Hence realise who are he performer who becomes most productive
  2. Signature Behaviour : the HR Manage needs to identify manging styles for the talent . Every talent is  sure to have a motivation . Its quintessential to understand that For eg : if monetary benefits are valued more than potential opportunities , the award system needs to be designed accordingly.
  3. Positioning  :  A talent survives on the visibility factor. The thought that every one will have access to the highest authority acts as a morale booster . On the top if the credit for an idea is rightly shared , the ensures further output from the talent. Just as placing a particular player in a definite point in the field enhances his performance , so does it happen in the corporate world. Hence its important to manage visibility and accessibility
  4. The Pygmalion – effect  : This requires to be practised at the highest level. The motivation for the talent should be so high , that there is a clear visualization by the talent . Manage self belief on the talent to ensure performance out of them .

Samuel B. Bacharach in his  book , Get Them On Your Side  discusses the points as creating coalition , establishing credibility , drawing support through co-opting  and sign-posting so as to minimise risk . Finally as per Sun Tzu had said , best win in a war is the one which comes without fighting . Hence the secret to control the situation for an HR Manager will lie in identifying the undercurrents before they rise and simulating solution to create a win-win situations for both the teams. If confrontation remains the only solution , then keep in mind that dissonance and diversity often brings out the best in every one. Hence use the friction to brain storm and create a better work environment .