Hospitality Management Courses

A course in Hospitality Management from the ITM Institute of Hotel Management would open out a whole world of exciting options.

In the new century among all the industries that have demonstrated significant growth and prosperity the hospitality and tourism industry have come to the forefront. Over the last three decades the hospitality industry has become more internationally oriented as compared to many other industries.

Hence there is no better time for students to choose a career in Hotel Management, now rechristened as Hospitality Management in its broader perspective. In this era, careers in hospitality do not mean just becoming a chef, housekeeper or waiter. Today hospitality graduates are in great demand in Hotels / Motels Restaurants Airline Flight Kitchens Cruise Ships Call Centers, Luxury Resorts, Fast Food Chains, Mall management services, amusement Parks, Multiplexes, Event Management companies, Hospitals and Health clinics. Industrial caterers Corporate sector, Theme Parks and many more.

The rising demand for trained professions in the hospitality industry has resulted in a mushrooming of hotel schools that are churning out graduates with little regard for ensuring that their training matches the needs of the industry. However; at ITM Institute of Hotel Management (ITM-IHM) we firmly believe that one must have the passion for the service. An aspiring hotelier with the correct attitude will be assured of success. ITM – IHM does everything in its power to mould the fledglings and instill in them values of self disciplines respect for other cultures and positively. Upon graduation it is indeed a matter of pride to see the students transform themselves into confident young hospitality professionals of tomorrow. It is their commitment to excellence that goes a long way the ensuring that their students have the very best start to a successful career.

ITM – IHM is one of the Country’s premier Hospitality Schools and was established in 2002 with campuses in Navi Mumbai, Mumbai and Bangalore. The Institute conducts a number of programs such as B Sc (Hospitality Studies) affiliated to Mumbai University, B.A (International Hospitality & Tourism Management) in collaboration with queen Margaret University UK. Both programs include a whole host of co-curricular activities including industry visits industry training programs extra curricular activities and a whole lot more.

ITM – IHM is amongst the most technologically advanced and infra-structurally complete hospitality schools in India. A comprehension set of laboratories and training facilities offer industry standard equipment and amenities for hands-on experience.

ITM – IHM in the academic traditions of its parent, the ITM Group of institutions where a judicious mix of practical and theoretical inputs is imparted inputs is imparted in all programs. All their faculties come with significant industry experience and are abundantly qualified in their respective specializations. With this expertise, the teaching team of the Institute personality counsels each student for a strong academic base, grooming and presentation soft skills language development and positive attitude this ensuring a comprehensive and well developed educational experience to the students.

Like wise at ITM-IHM they are committed to excellence not only in education not only in education but also to real life experiences and training. Their students are their ambassadors and are rewarded with exciting and fulfilling internship and careers opportunities around the world. To this effect the Institute heavily promotes summer / winter internship as well as concurrent training in internship as well as concurrent training in duration of the program. With the immense support of their Board of Advisors and the Training Manager, HR Managers and Seniors Officers of some of India’s best known hotels, restaurants and tourism businesses, ITM – IHM has consistently placed its students for training and final placement at top notch hotels, event management companies and other allied service sectors both nationally and internationally.

The ITM Group of institutions was established in 1991 by Dr P V Ramana . The Institute is India’s first truly private non-aided and not for profit B schools. Since then, group has expanded significantly setting up campuses in Bangalore, Chennai, Warangal, Hyderabad, Nagpur and Vishakhaptnam . Today the ITM Group of institutions is a leading private not for profit educator with campuses across 10 cities in India, educating over 4500 students a year. ITM Group offers MBA EMBA, Hospitality management, Health Science and Engineering programs.

The role of ITM s to build a strong India with individuals capable to think act ad lead the increasingly complex business world. ITM strongly believes in the positive change that can be brought about by the individuals when they are empowered with knowledge to analyze confidence to act on their decisions and perseverance to lead others in the pursuit of change.

At ITM – IHM we emphasize the concept of an international curriculum specially relevant as an evolving logic to respond to intensifying worldwide competition which drives customers demand for values and leaves aspiring hospitality managers little room for error. Our institute’s strategy seeks to provide a learning journey within which our students can flourish and develop to become graduates distinctive in their confidence entrepreneurial skills, socially responsible professionals and lifelong learners who will make a significant and leading contribution to the organizations in which they work and to global society as a whole.