Communicator and Integration

The media industry has been growing phenomenally and offers a wide variety of careers that are both lucrative and fulfilling.

Can you really communication, or event management or writing ad copy? Like business acumen, leadership an entrepreneurship aren’t these subjects experientially picked up or skills that you’re either born with or not?

Subjects are created for convenience. Convenience of educational institutions of teachers and sometimes of the industries as well Students from institutions that remain on top of things and recognize the importance validity and limitations of subjects will do well. By the same token, such institutions alone will be able to deliver industry ready professionals because of a well rounded preparation.

Communication requires a 360 – degree approach: The industries in communication are broadly print, broadcast, online, advertising, public elations (PR), and strategic communication or integrated marketing communication (IMC). You could be advertising, PR or marketing communications professional, corporate communicator event manager, journalist or a filmmaker of feature or ad films. There could be additional and related nomenclatures.

The communication industries have grown by leaps and bounds over the past decade. Since our economic liberalization until now, the media industries have been growing at phenomenal rates. Even advertising which has already been a sizable industry in India, has grown by nine percent this year. From its billing its various components (television print, radio, outdoor and internet) are expected to witness a growth ranging from about 75 percent too almost four times.

Event Management is a form of project management: Much of communication requires a 360-degree approach or a foundational understanding of all of the above disciplines. Communication is not about super specialization unlike say medicine or engineering.

For example, take event management. While managing events is really a skill that you develop over time, application of the concepts of project management to managing events will almost assuredly deliver results. Form brand management to projection for the bottom line, events are somewhat of a 360-degree activity studying the client’s brand, identifying the target audience conceptualizing an event around what the brand rally communicates, planning the logistics and coordinating the technical aspects before actually executing the modalities of the proposed event post event analysts and ensuring a return on investment have become significant drivers for the event industry. In essence the event management industry has increasingly been transforming itself into a more professional an structured reliable an accountable field. Not only has that it becomes more specialized in the way it approaches its clients.

Online and other newer forms of advertising

With writing and other creative forms of communication as you would use in, say advertising the story remains pretty much the same. No prizes for guessing that Internet advertising, the most nascent of the lot, will grow the most. It is a worldwide phenomenon.

What with social media being such a big hit among today’s youth, there is already an increasing need in the advertising industry for young, social media savvy professionals. India is picking up speed on its advertising commitment to cyberspace. The phenomenal growth of the online media is, of course relative since it is only a small piece of the advertising.

While online is the fastest growing advertising stream, television and print are neck and neck in their presence. In most countries abroad, print advertising has long been overtaken by its newer counterpart television.

Towards an integrated model: While other promotional streams have emerged recently the emphasis in recent times in strategic communication has been largely in the direction of integration of advertising, events, public relations and other forms of brand activity that are becoming increasingly seamless. Film marketing and in-film advertising is a particularly creative challenge and the Indian film industry has slowly but surely moved in the direction of some professionally managed in film promotions. Thanks to IPL cricket sports promotion is another exciting field.

All of the emerging advertising media emphasize the convergence of brand promotional strategies. Practicing professionals will find it increasingly difficult to pin down and categorize promotional plans. We are moving towards brand communication per se. whereby agencies will use various strategic communications to be effective.