Avoiding jealously a work

Like every other emotion, jealously is also present in most of us and it can be quite pervasive. And considering the amount of time we spend at work, it’s not unusual to be jealous of your colleagues for one reason or the other. The reasons can be varied. But jealously is a very negative emotion that can rob us of the joy in work and life in general. Here are a few tips to handle jealously.

Stay committed to growth

Make decision to keep growing in your life, irrespective of your surroundings. This reaffirms the fact that realizing your latent potential is the only way to fulfillment. When you adopt a growth oriented outlook, you leave behind your parochial and limited vision, which is important for great success. At times, success is not just a land mark goal but the process of getting to the goal. When, you develop such a mindset, feelings of jealously and hostility doesn’t develop within you.

Find emotional support

It helps to identify a person or a group of people with whom you can have a frank and honest relationship. When you find such companions you can express your trails and tribulations without fear of judgment or humiliation. Such friendships also allow you to mutually share ideas and opinions accelerating mental and emotional development. When you find love, support, advice and appreciation form loved ones, you don’t harbor ill feelings. Find such support systems at your workplace to keep jealously at bay.

Stay Calm

Jealousy can make you vulnerable at various aspects at your life, even at your workplace. You can be irrational, unnecessarily condescending or just get tempted to malign someone. The damage caused from such actions is irreversible. So, if you’re jealous of someone think of 100 times before acting against the person. Sometimes you might have to move away from the cause of such feelings. A conscious time delay in such situations allows your intelligence to catch up with your emotions, which is always a wise thing.

Accept your weakness

If you’re jealous of your colleagues at work, sit back and analyze the reasons for your feelings. Focus on identifying the reasons for your failures. Knowing and understanding your limitation is very crucial to free yourself from its control. At the same time, don’t punish yourself for feeling in a particular manner. It may take you some time for you to stop being jealous about someone. Try and divert your mind fro such thoughts and work towards something more constructive and concrete. That will help you retain your positively.

Observe yourself

Try and detach yourself from your negative emotions. Study the events or chain of events that make you feel jealous or upset. And try to be objective about them. On the emotional side, you can try to understand the sense of insecurity or vacuum that triggers your bouts of jealously. Once you learn to deal with that, you will get rid of all the negativity.

Simple tips you can use

1) Always keep your workplace interactions professional. Keep a check on your attitude and body language to avoid immature behavior. This will control in others too.
2) Have a group of happy and self motivated co workers as friends. This won’t make you feel lonely or isolated. But avoid constant gossiping about people you dislike.
3) Stay away from conversations that might make you feel jealous. Also, avoid bragging about your own accomplishment. Don’t divulge details especially if they are un-solicited ones
4) Focus on learning new things and finishing your assignments on time. This will give you the motivation and positive energy to work constructively for you future.
5) If you find some directing jealous remarks toward you, confront that person on a one to one basis. This will help ease out negative feelings from both ends. Base you approach on his personality and the professional equation you share with him.