Scores of Specializations

Gone are the days when the B Tech / BE was in, when graduates ruled the roost in the industry and post graduates were few and far between. Post graduation has become the stepping stone to lucrative jobs and has created specialists to handle every aspect of management. Yet, as new industries emerge and significant advances are made in various fields, there is a constant need felt for niche specialists who can contribute expert knowledge to their chosen field of study. Specialized areas of study at the post graduate level are now being offered to individuals who wish to pursue postgraduates studies in order to upgrade their knowledge enhance professional growth and contribute more meaningfully to the industry.

Scores of Specializations

Here is a brief overview of the latest options available to the aspiring postgraduates, particularly in India:


Nanotechnology basically means the study and control of matter on an atomic level. Ranging from medicine to aerospace, textiles to electronics, the industry is a buzz with talk of this promising field. Several institutes in India such as VIT University Vellore and Anna University, Chennai offer M Tech and M Sc courses in Nanotechnology. The eligibility for these courses is a BE / B Tech and in some cases a B Sc (Physics).


It is the study of the production of very low temperature and the behavior of materials at those temperatures. Cryogenics thought not a very new field is slowly gaining wider scope in India in space propulsion metallurgy and biomedical engineering industries. Cryogenics in itself remains a niche avenue at post graduate level with only IIT Kharagpur and Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru offering M Tech in Cryogenics Engineering although several institutes offer it as an elective at the post graduation level. Eligibility again is a B.E , B Tech via GATE scores.

VLSI and Micro Electronics

VLSI (Very large Scale integration) is the process of creating integrated circuits by combining thousands of tiny circuits into a single chip. Development is chip design is hot. Microelectronics is where you deal with electronics at a micro scale. At that nanometer level you need to be extremely careful. Even a few electrons here and there can spoil a chip. Hence, if you are really good at it, giants like Intel, AMD, and Texas Instruments will definitely hire you.

In India, M Tech courses in VLSI design and microelectronics are now being offered at IITs, NITs and others. As pointed out earlier opportunities abound for these postgraduates in the industry.

Actuarial Science

Actuarial Science is a discipline that applies mathematical and statistical methods to asses risk in the insurance and finance industries.

Actuarial Sciences is a field that combines mathematical statistics with economies. It covers major elements of investment banking and finance management. Options are good; Insurance is still a small sector in India and it can only grow at this stage.

IGNOU (Indira Gandhi national Open University) School of Vocational Education and training now offers an M Sc in Actuarial Science to science and commerce graduates. Actuaries work in a wide range of industries including life insurance, general insurance health insurance and pension funds.

Intellectual Property rights:

With so much focus on research and development and much unrestricted lateral sharing of creativity over the web, creators wish to own their ideas, discoveries and designs. This gives rise to an all new concept called Intellectual Property Rights which includes patent copyrights and trademarks. Basically new work is always going on in various fields especially in pharmaceutical companies. So the industry is now looking for specialized people who can protect its ideas and investment in research.

Apart from the several certificate courses and PG diplomas that re already being offered in India towards Intellectual Property Rights, the Master in Intellectual Property Rights (Online) was recently introduced by IGNOU in collaboration with leading Australian university – Queensland University of technology (QUT). MIPR is open to graduates from any discipline.

Qualified professionals find employment in sectors such as Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO), Knowledge Process Out sourcing (KPO) Clinical Research and R and D department of major industries like pharmaceuticals.

Management with a difference

Energy Management is an upcoming field what with all the brouhaha about climate change. Management Development Institute Gurgaon has a school of Energy Management which offers PG diploma in Business Management (EPGDBM). Energy Management course in collaboration with Ministry of power, Government of India and USAID.

Such professionals find work in the energy and power sector or sectors where the energy crisis has become a cause for concern.