Scholarship Specifics

Scholarships vary with each university department and each country. For the best options, students must apply to a range of colleges. The profile of previous scholarship holders is a good indication of the kind of students suitable for the scholarship.

Country specific scholarships


The USA is particularly known for funding students for postgraduate programs in sciences and engineering. Based on academic records some students may get the entire tuition fee waived off with an offer of a part time job as reaching or research assistant in the relevant department.

Many of the liberal arts colleges in the USA offer a financial aid package to international students. In structuring the package, an average student’s expected cost of attendance consisting of tuition fees and living expenses is taken into account. The financial aid package that is offered may comprise a combination of outright scholarship which does not have to be paid back, interest free loans need to be paid back after a stipulated period, and work study assistance which requires a student to work part time in the department in lieu of financial assistance. The financial aid package assessment is based on the declared family income and the amount the family is willing to contribute towards the total cost. Realistically a family should show funds to cover at least 50 per cent of total expenses as it is rare or institutes to offer more than that. A few exceptionally brilliant students may get 75 per cent to 100 per cent aid but these are exceptions rather than the norm.

United Kingdom

Funds in the UK are offered by the UK government, global institutions and individual universities. Some scholarships which are available for the entire pool of applicants applying to any university are The Commonwealth Scholarship, Fellowship plan, the Royal Society Fellowships, the Fulbright Scholarship scheme, the British Marshall Scholarship, the Rhodes scholarship the Churchill Scholarships, the Confederation of British Industry Scholarship and the Felix scholarship. There is also an Overseas Research. Students Awards Scheme for students with outstanding research potential. In addition each university offers a range of funding amounts for specific departments and courses.

Some institutes with good funding options for international students are the Universities of Westminster, Strathelyde, Aston, Bath etc. Programs in bio sciences, engineering, mathematics and development studies are more likely to get funding than the high in demand programs in economics business management and law.


Financial assistance in Canada is frequently available to international students studying at the master’s level and above. Full funding, tuition and expenses is more common at higher levels of studies however each application is assessed individually on the basis of merit.

Varying amounts of scholarships based on high academic performance are offered by Universities of Alberta, Calgary British Columbia , York and Simon Fraser to name a few. Several scholarships by government institutions are also on offer. The Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan and the Canadian international Development Agency (CIDA) provide opportunities for students of the other Commonwealth countries to pursue advanced programs in Canada. The Shastri Indo- Canadian Institute offers a number of fellowships at various levels from graduate to post doctorate and from research and training fellowships to lectureships. Social Science and Humanities Research Council is Canada’s funding agency for university based research and graduate training in social sciences and humanities which embrace a wide range of discipline and fields of knowledge. The National Science and Engineering Research Council supports both basic university research through research grants and project research via partnership of universities and industry.


Institutes in Australia offer more than AUD$3 million worth of scholarships to international students. Universities and vocational education providers offer a full range of scholarship of small amounts to academically strong students.

Endeavor Awards is for students form Asia Pacific and Middle East regions seeking to undertake academic or professional development. Australian Young Leadership Awards is designed for people who have the potential to influence social and economic policy in their own countries and across the region. Other scholarships which need separate applications are those offered by the Development Bank, United Nations, and Rockefeller Foundation. The Association of Commonwealth Universities, Rotary International, World Bank, World Health organization.

GrantSearch Australia offers customized keyword searches of a database containing over 1400 grants, scholarships, fellowships and awards available in Australia.


A substantial tuition subsidy up to 75 per cent of the tuition fee from the Government of Singapore comes in the form of a tuition grant which is administered by the Ministry of Education (MOE) and offered to all admitted students. Students who apply for and are approved for the tuition grants need to pay subsidized fees (also referred to as the direct payment portion of fees). International students will be required to undertake a service bond under the terms of the tuition grant to work for a Singapore registered company for three years upon completion of their degrees. Apart from financial aid packages admitted students may apply for MOE bursary short term study assistance ASEAN scholarships and other loan schemes such as the overseas student exchange program loan scheme and university specific scholarships.

Singapore is one of the few countries to have several scholarships for high school students and younger age groups showing exceptional talent and zest to study the sciences. SIA Youth Scholarship, A star India Youth scholarships, MOE Scholarships for pre-University Studies are a few of the undergraduate scholarship on offer.