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The Future HR Manager in my view

Looking into the scenario of the day, the role of HR Manager has been going through unprecedented change which is a phenomenon that demands an attention of all HR Managers and doyens of the day.

The impact of Global village and an Open Economy is so fashioned that, it has made us think of how we should be in order to succeed as professionals in the field.

Ten years back if you talked to anybody about HR they would just look down upon the importance of it at macro level whereas now the changing facets of business has all of us thinking about how to handle our profession in such a way that we bear the fruits for the organization at the end of the day.

Hence in my view the future (I think I should say, “Today’s�) HR Managers will have to be:

• Business Oriented-
1.Concerned single mindedly with the goals and mission of the organization.
2.Business Partner
3.Shareholder of the dreams of the founders.

• Research Driven-
1.Use research as strategic tool to enhance the output of Human Resources.
2.Use research to motivate and develop competencies of people.

• Process Sensitive-
1.Aware of the way the tasks are allocated
2.Aware of the people processes and their strengths and weaknesses
3.Aware of the norm values and other internal processes
4.Sensitive to process dynamics

• System Driven-
1.Highly Systemic, believes in system as strengths
2.Understand the limits of system, especially people system and at the same time, appreciates their utility.
3.Sees system as simplifiers of life and enhancers of organization effectiveness
4.Thinks in a positive way about system and their usage as controllers of costs and overheads

• Strategic Thinker-
1.Aware of company strategy
2.Participates in strategy formulation
3.Is farsighted and not myopic
4.Aware of best practices in different functions and of different companies globally in related business

• Good Human being-
1.Shows respect for Human dimension of the business
2.Has positive view of people
3.Empathizes with others
4.People’s person with character
5.Sees people as providing competitive advantage

• Value Driven-
1.Respects the values to utmost level

• Change Manager-
1.Should be aware of the dynamics of change
2.Should know change management
3.Should have diagnostic skills
4.Should be aware of various OD intervention
5.Should have leadership qualities

• Focus on Issues-
1.Should be focused on issues rather than general things

• Move away from Recruitment and retention-
1.Shouldn’t be spending undue time in recruitment and compensation surveys
2.Should not do these at the cost of other activities

• Focus on value addition and people utilization-
1.Aware of the many facts of intellectual capital
2.focuses attention on building human capital
3.Designs interventions to enhance intellectual capital
4.Designs intervention to retain intellectual capital

All in all, HR Professional will have to keep the spirits up in order to learn, unlearn and relearn many new things as per the need of an hour otherwise doing justice to profession will be only mirage.

Dinesh Thakkar

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