How to be a Leader?

How to be a Leader?

Leadership is not a gift, it’s a self developed skill by an individual. We all adhere about leadership qualities but we overlook from how to become a leader. I just conceive the idea behind how to be a leader by pointing out some key qualities.

1. Self Development

Developing yourself is very important in most of the aspect because people should follow you.

The four simple steps of self development is

• Evaluate
• Analyze
• Share
• Decide

Evaluate yourself on most of the parameters by making a sheet on a regular basis and analyze it. So you can know yourself where you stand and where you want to be. Set a short term and long term goal for yourself. Sharing is very important; you can share your evaluation with a mentor which is very necessary for you to know yourself. And last take decision for yourself what to do next. This will also help you to make yourself decisive.

2. People must listen

When you have developed yourself you can start sharing your knowledge and ideas to your collogues, your words must carry silent but revolutionizing message for them. Once people start listening you at that instant you start developing a skill of becoming a leader. People should beseech you for solutions for their problems. For example you might have seen people in seminars or workshops. How people listen to them so attentively that is a sign for leadership.

3. Putting you first

Implementing the skills and good qualities on you first, so people may look upon you as a good example to follow.

Last line before being anything, be a good human, give importance to human values and stick to your basics.

Shaikh Ahtesham ul Haq
HR Executive
AAS Option IT & Solution Pvt. Ltd.

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    I think the article is too brief. had it been more eloborated & few more examples given it would have given a more effective messge.

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    This article is good but the best definition of leader I have seen is simply this: a leader is a person who is elected. Check out this paper, on an American site, “why your boss is programmed to be a dictator” –

    Brilliatn piece of work. All would-be leaders must read it.

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  • If your actions inspire others to dream more,learn more,do more and become more, YOU are a LEADER.