Power in an organization

Power is either inherent to humans or acquired due to environmental factors. Any way, if untamed it can be your biggest demon, more so in the corporate world

Any corporate organization is a microcosm of the real world. Persons of various schools of thinking personality types, backgrounds and academic qualifications converge on the same platform and bring on board a plethora or skills thoughts and ideas. While variety is conductive to growth and progress this need not necessarily apply to the corporate world. When the discussion table at the workplace witnesses more than just a contribution of suggestions and view, often egos, hidden personality traits and positional clout rear their heads turning the situation into a power centric struggle Power is different than authority of dominance.

Power play

Most academic courses these days have internships and corporate affiliations in order to stimulate to students the workings of corporate organizations. This helps them in getting a better understanding of workplace ethics. However, nothing prepares one like the real world. Once out of academics and into a job, they find themselves thrown in at deep end. This at times leads to interpersonal conflicts. When ignored they can become major power tussles. It is important to realize early that one is a part of a major conflict so that corrective measures can be taken. At the workplace power may manifest itself either in the form of personality or position. Some may wield it unknowingly while some may do so authoritatively. In both cases it can be unpleasant. Most inequities arise due to disagreements. At work sidestep the ego. Do not directly negate someone else’s point but instead put your point logically and you are bound to be heard seniors can certainly ask or at times order tom get some work done. But to be constantly at the receiving end of aggression or unreasonable behavior is clearly a case of workplace bullying. It can also happen between colleagues of the same rank. Make sure you avoid such mishaps.

Go about it

Being stuck in such situations for long can have adverse effects like fear, stress, anger and other psychological complications. It is best to deal with it in an optimal manner. Here’s how to do it:

Introspection: No one knows you better than your own self. It is important to self assess and ask oneself if there is any thing. Just because someone is being more importance, does not mean you are getting your due. There may be areas where you are genuinely required to improve. If the organization does not perceive you to be a go-getter you must strive to change that impression.

Ties that bind: Make an effort to know your colleagues and seniors more. Occasional water cooler or cafeteria moments can do the trick. Official outings can also prove to be good icebreakers. Personal ties can go long way informing professional kinship.

Drop the bias: Healthy working environment can be created only in the absence of biases. Gender, cast etc biases should be avoided at all costs. Always remember quality of work depends on capability and nothing else.

Communicate: It is said that half the solution to any problem can be obtained by communication. Consult your colleagues and inter act with them. This will ensure a smooth flow of ideas and also encourage rapport building. Do not harbor pent up anger or resentment. Most organizations these days are democratic in approach

Walk the talk: When all else fails do not panic. Every organization ids equipped to deal with such issues. One must consult the immediate supervisor in case of such issues. If need be, one can go to further levels of seniority as well. Finally the HR person can act as the mediator. Do not tolerate humiliation or abusive language at any cost. If things reach such an extent it is time to step up one’s defenses.

One must understand that at a workplace each one brings his /her style of working which may or may not be the same as that of ours, but may nevertheless be as effective Try to engage oneself in stress busting exercises. It helps release tension.