Mistakes at workplace

For an executive climbing up the corporate ladder, the pressures of constantly living up to a boss’s expectations and proving oneself can be unnerving. Given this, mistakes at a work place are inevitable. Be it small good ups as they would call it, or a major slip, mistakes are an integral part of ones work life.

While every individual would prefer to evade the responsibility off owning up to one, it is critical to realize that mistakes form the crux of one’s learning curve. They not only help in gaining hands on experience, but are also essential to aid an individual to innovate within his realm of work. While most bosses allow room for errors from their subordinates, repeated mistakes can hamper your image at work, affecting your prospects at the firm.. Thus, it is important to deal with your mistakes in the right way, taking immediate steps to rectify them, Wondering how you can pull up your socks gracefully? We give you a few quick steps on how to do so:

Accept your mistake:
To begin with be candid and admit your mistake to your boss.

You may be tempted to cover up, but it’s always best to confess your blunder. Your boss will be more appreciative of the fact that you were upfront about it. Sometimes errors that seem small can sometimes unknowingly get aggravated. Then you would end up in a foot in the mouth situation. Thus, own up immediately without fearing the consequences. And yes, most importantly understand it is only human to make mistakes. At that time try not to be good hard on your self It could have negative connotations. Also, refrain from the blame game by pointing fingers at someone else instead. Your boss would be even more livid if he gets to know that given this, put forth your case well, but do not apologize profusely. It could be mistakes as an act of defense.

State of solutions

In today’s dynamic work environment a problem solver is seen as a more worthy resource than an individual who looks to his boss for a solution at every point in time. When you accept your folly back it up with a plan if how to mend the situation. Even if your plan gets rejected your boss will appreciate your sense of ownership. A word of caution, make sure you admit your fault and at the same time seek approval from your boss on the corrective measures. Else, should those measures fail you could land yourself in bigger trouble. Thus, always keep your boss in the loop of things at that time.

Rectify your mistakes

After an approval from your boss take immediate action to rectify the situation. Do not be lax in taking action. Place it on priority and mend in while the iron is hot. You may have loads of other work to finish however take the necessary steps as soon as possible. Else, it could further intensify the problem causing your boss to view you as irresponsible.

Learn from your mistakes

Do not keep lamenting on the fact that once the mistake is committed there is no way you can rectify it and move ahead. One can bring in solutions and try to not repeat the mistakes. Having taken remedial measures it is important to understand the reasons for your error and could have been avoided. Thus, without being over analyzing ascertain as to how you can water the next time around. Do not brood over your mistakes. Accept it, come up with an appropriate plan of action to rectify it, cute it and move on immediately Remember tomorrow is a new giving you yet another chance shine. At the same time the most significant part of erring is this learning experience that you will got through so make sure your thinking hat is only just for a while!

Jump back on track:

After understanding your folly, time to move onto normalcy Get back to your work with a renew sense of confidence and have futuristic approach. If you have lost your boss’s trust in the case a major slip up make a conscious effort to win it back, while being patient at the same time. It may be difficult to win back someone’s trust but it sure is not impossible. Keeps your wheel of experimentation rolling else, it could hamper your learning and thus the growth process.

Thus, recognize that it is only human to err and with sense of ownership and the right confidence you can mend a fence, having learnt how to do so along way. Mistakes are a part and parcel of life and bring a sense of responsibility along with them. So do not fret, since Albert Einstein said ‘Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new’.

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