Home Science

Home science is no longer a discipline only for those aspiring to learn cooking and stitching. The curriculum of this subject has now been so adapted to provide students complete professional training through various specializations

There are six major areas of specializations under the faculty of home science for a bachelor’s and master’s degree program. They are – food and nutrition, textiles and clothing or apparel designing, human development, mass communication and extension, family resource management and composite home science. Each of these arms is a base to become a professional in a specialized

Food and nutrition

With a booming wellness industry and increasing awareness on food in health this specialization offers several opportunities as nutritionists consultants or a part of dietary departments of hospitals in the pharmaceutical industry research and academic institutions, hospitality industry community health programs NGO’s sports institutions gymnasium etc. One can even work as a journalist or a media consultant in the field of food and nutrition.

Textiles and clothing or apparel designing

With the changing ace of the textile industry there is a vast change in apparels and variety of fabrics available in the market today. Consequently there is a vast demand for the same. There is immense scope for careers as textile designers, merchandisers’ fashion designers, entrepreneurs, researchers, quality control analysts and others.

Human Development

There are two specific slants in this specialization – developmental counseling and early childhood care and education. Students of developmental counseling can work as assistant counselors in child guidance clinics and as assistant remedial educators in remedial centers. They can also conduct developmental workshops and personality development camps for children. Students of early childhood care and development can set up their own nursery schools or work as coordinators at day care centers organize language enrichment or creativity classes for children. Preparation of teaching aids is also an area of expertise.

Mass communication and extension

This specialization equips the student with communication and extension skills to be media planners in advertising agencies TV program producers, journalists with TV and print mediums specialists wt NGO’s in urban and rural welfare organizations, community development projects and other allied roles. An added component of still photography and audio production if opted for, equips tem to be photo journalists, sound recordists, film makers and researchers.

Family resource management

This specialization opens the doors to the hospitality industry. Alternately students can even become interior designers. They can work in front offices roles or as executive in the hospitality industry or with travel agencies. They may become interior designers, CAD operators or specialized designers for ergonomically sound furniture

Composite home science

This field is a blend of a specific slant from each of the above specializations and gives students a broader platform to choose from at the end of three years. They can be fashion journalists specialized media experts, event managers, part of the hospitality industry travel and tourism entrepreneurs in the food industry or in apparel ware.

Home science is different

Home science is one faculty that offers various specializations with a direct relevance and application to our day today life and yet gives us immense scope to explore and take up a specialized vocation. It incorporates content from pure sciences and social sciences with an inter-disciplinary approach. The teaching entails participatory learning with an emphasis on presentations practical work, field visits, group discussions, projects case studies etc. Internship or on the job training are also an integral part of the course work. Presently, these specializations are offered through home science colleges across India open only to girl students

The course can be taken up after class 12. Anybody from the arts commerce or science subjects at the class 12 level can pursue any specialization under the faculty of home science except the food and nutrition specialization for which one needs to have chemistry and biology as a prerequisite.