Create a Team Culture

Team culture is a key part of the foundation for any Organisation for sustainable results: quality of service, innovation, clarity of strategy, commitment and energy, productive resolution of conflict, economy of effort, and so on are some of the significant results of Team Culture.

Planting the seed of hard work and perseverance in the young, impressionable minds always provide fruitful results to culture of work, and while you might not see immediate payoffs, perhaps when they have spent enough time in the company, they’ll have worked hard enough to take a team to a new level altogether. Making an impression takes a strong example (strong leader) –as tough as it may be to get, you need strong, hard-working leadership.

How can we build a Team Culture:

  • Goal Setting: Though it may sound very obvious and familiar, setting goals are the key towards a successful and strong team culture. If the goals are stretched the better the understanding between the leadership and team members. Providing flexibility enhances the achievements and that pays well at the end. Team leaders can develop a better understanding if they not only set the goals but also endow with some flexibility.
  • Stimulating Vision: Vision should be focused on the people who are at the receiving end and as well for the people who are contributing towards the accomplishment of the same. Many a times Organizations does not focus on sharing the vision statement with the people, like for example in one of the companies I worked for, there were people working for many years without even knowing the vision of the company, the approach was very individualistic. The goals were self centric instead of being collective, and in that scenario the team culture does not exist and so the productivity, commitment, innovation also is less.
  • Emphasis on Team Work: Creating various groups and teams are focal point of building a Team Culture, for instance product launch team, recruitment team, product development team, top management team, strategic planning team and so on. The prominence of such teams and groups with shared goals provides an edge to the organization for higher efficiency.
  • Managing diversity: Harnessing the power of diversity is important, which can be achieved through involvement of people, different ideas, multiple perceptions, cross functional teams. Wide range of skills, ideas and creativity helps in realization of complex tasks. Managing diversity is a complex process, the leader should make sure to understand and provide leverage to the team members for the utmost proficiency.
  • Making Team Leaders: Walk the talk, lead by example, people centric, work on timelines, good sense of humuor, timely positive feedback, skill and knowledge oriented, time management, right delegation, empowerment are very important qualities of a Team Leader. The larger the team the higher the responsibility and maturity required. People leave their bosses and not a company is a well known saying, so person handling team has to be developed and nurtured suitably.
  • Shared Values: Creating a culture of shared goals and values emphasize the team culture. If a person does not live the values of the organization, be sure that he will not cultivate the team culture as well. Build and maintain a positive, result oriented environment, constructively deal with negativity, develop performance oriented people, balanced and affirmative approach towards problem, open for criticism serve as the guideline for behavior that will position the Company’s shared values in practice.
  • Coaching and Mentoring: Coaching is the art and practice of inspiring, energizing, and facilitating the performance, learning and development of a person. (Myles Downey). Team leader should inspire people to be creative, think out of the box, more innovative and energizing. Exploring new areas, suggestions, raising awareness and personal growth are the few areas that can be achieved through right coaching and mentoring.
  • Collective rewards: Practice of rewarding the collective performance is always fruitful when we are thinking in terms of cultivating the team culture. Rewards like best team, most creative team, best task oriented team, can be introduced. But we have to keep in mind to maintain clear individual responsibilities and the true heroes should remain visible in all the areas even though they work as a part of team as well.
  • Synergize: As Steven R. Covey has defined synergy as looks for ways to take your ideas and other people’s ideas and build on them together, on the basis that the outcome will be something greater than the sum of the inputs.

So, here we are, ready with are new team culture if we have implemented practiced all these above mentioned guidelines on continuous basis.

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