Team work talking

Today’s organizations aren’t looking or employees who perform outstanding only in the individual sense. The modern workplace demands team players.

Every organization today wants employees who are as comfortable working with others as by themselves. An individual at the workplace cannot in a vacuum. One must remember that every activity of the workplace is coordinated for a common end purpose. Cross functional teams (that span departments) have added to the emphasis. Employees are looking for variety in perspectives and views, which teams offer.

It is hence necessary to mould oneself into becoming a good team player. Even those who have traditionally preferred to work singularly must embrace the teamwork philosophy.

Respect is the key
Working in a team means that you will encounter a range of people with different views, opinions and priorities. Listen to diverse views. Keep an open mind don’t shut your mind out to anew idea. Sometimes, play the devil’s advocate and see the merits in arguments you generally do not subscribe to.

Be respectful. A good team player must equally respect each and every member of the team irrespective of whether they are young or experienced give them a fair chance. Often the best ideas come from the most unexpected sources. Respect for team member time is also important. Stick to internal group deadlines reach meetings on time and do the necessary pre-reading.

Focus on flexibility

Teamwork is built on a foundation of flexibility. You need to be flexible your working style. For example, some people prefer to work consistently, while others work in spurts. You will meet individuals who think convergent or divergently, who have different ways to deal with pressure. Discard your rigid working style and be accommodative. At the same time refrain from being the team doormat. You needn’t adjust single time especially you are being reasonable in your demands. Radically altering your working style may affect your workplace productivity.

Cooperate and collaborate

Team work isn’t about individuals thrown together. Always remember that the total is greater than the sum of its part. Be a team player at all levels. A big turnoff is when members of a team are competitive amongst each other. It kills the feeling of mutual trust. Share ideas and resources whatever possible. Resist the urge to steal the spotlight singularly. Collaboration is a powerful team tool that must be made use of. It helps provide a range of solutions, alternative views and more deliberate decisions.

Communicate clearly

One of the commonly faced problems in working with a team is communication. However, a communication has come to be recognized as the single most important factor that determines the success of a group. Good team players communicate effectively and clearly. This includes dialogue within the team, with specific members of the teams and those outside of the team. A team contains diversity . Your communication should be modeled to keep this in mind. Further, the medium of communication used should be considered carefully. An important aspect of communication is listening and accepting feedback always keep a ear to the ground for feedback for your teammates. Use this constructively to a better team mate.


Nobody wants a team member who is uncommitted, distracted or seems to have other priorities. Be a part of the team in whole and soul. Dedication to the team shows sub consciously through your behavior and attitude. Your team mates will be able to gauge if you are unconcerned about the team.

Be an active contributor — don’t stand passively by the sidelines and watch the action. Get involved! In every group there is one person who is uncommitted contributes sparsely and still bashes everyone else’s work. Make sure that person is not you!