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Interview Tips

In a recruitment process, an interview is invariably one of the last but most crucial processes. It involves a one to one interaction of the candidates with the prospective employer. Besides giving the interviewer a chance to evaluate your strength and skill, it also gives you an opportunity to understand what to expect from the organization.

No matter how well qualified and articulate one is for a job, there is nothing to replace thorough preparation for the interview. Have a good grip of your strengths and weakness. Know what to talk at the interview and how to handle the situation, if things do not go as planned.

Planning a Strategy

The first step in preparing for an interview is to put together a strategy. Try and analyze that the interviewer would have already reviewed your resume, which provide the hard facts of your employment history and skills. You can make a good impression by reviewing how to bring forth your essential skills.

There is a need to portray sincerely and politely, though enthusiastically your knowledge about the organization and its mission. For instance, it would be good to know the names and positions of key people in the organization, its products/service and key business competitors.


• Keep yourself calm. Often going well prepared is the best way to enhance your confidence.

• Know all about the company, its business. Research the company and interviewer if possible.

• Analyze why you want the job.

• What soft skills do you have to offer the organization? For instance the resume may have shown some concrete examples of skills as a team player, but you need to convince interviewer of your ability to fit within a team.

• Prepare questions you wish to ask about the job or organization.

• Line up reference in advance in case you are asked for them.


• Punctuality is of essence. Arrive well in time for the Appointment.

• Be positive to everyone that you meet at the office, it counts. Be aware of body language, vibes and reactions, as someone might be noticing them.

• Be personable yet professional in your conduct.

• Do not assume that the interviewer knows how to elicit the information he is looking for. Bring it out clearly.

• Answer all questions honestly but in the positive light.

• Take some time to formulate your answers before you speak.

Formal office dress Code Look Calm & Composed
Read Newspaper Headlines Speak In a Clear Voice
Carry Your Folder Sit Alert & Maintain Eye Contact
Arrive Early May Accept the Cup Of Coffee
Make A Natural Entry Go With an Open & Positive Mind

At the Interview

• Shake hands with the interviewer firmly.

• Appear confident.

• Remember the names of the interviewers.

• Make eye contact when you talk to people and be natural.

• Answer questions honestly. If you mentioned something on your resume, make sure you know about it. If you don’t know much, mention that you have not worked too much detail in the area.

• Ask the interviewers about the company. You are usually given time for this.

• Find out what the advertised job involves so it will enable you to make a fairly quick decision if you are made an offer.

• Thank the interviewers after the interview.

• If you have been interviewing at other companies, it is not unfair to ask when you can expect them to make a decision.

By: Yogesh Pahuja
The author is a practising Consultant and Trainer with 14 years of experience and can be reached on

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