Resume writing tips – types of resume

Resume Writing Tips:

There is more to a C.V. than meets the eye.
Your C.V. is your first communication with your prospective employer. It serves as a personal advertisement for you and it must be organized in a manner to make it interesting, informative, yet brief, and good enough to take you to the next stage i.e. ‘INTERVIEW’.

There are Two Types of C.V.’s :

• Chronological Format:
Here the experience is given in the reverse chronological order & with specific dates.

• Functional Format:
Experienced group by functions / dept – e.g.- Sales – Mktg, Purchase, Personnel, etc. no specific dates.

We recommend the chronological format as Employers & Personnel Manager are used to it. Based on your experience, make a choice. It can also be a combination of both.
Don’t miss on any essential information that should be there in every C.V. Be factually accurate in your CV. Most critical , do not misrepresent yourself.


• Always accompany your resume with a cover letter.

• Do not fake your resume.

• Simplicity is the key, Use a clear, simple. Legible font.

• Use good paper; it does not have to be the most expensive kind.

• Check your grammar and spelling.

• Do not write, "Resume" on your resume.

• Do give your full name, address and telephone number, so the employer can contact you.

• Write a strong statement of your goals taking care not to exaggerate.

• Keep your resume concise but informative as far as stating your education goes. List out special skills and highlight any extraordinary job skills you might have. Use bullets if necessary.

• If you are looking for an entry level position, put your educational qualification right after your goal.

• If you have experience, list your jobs first, starting with the most recent one. Indicate how long you were at each job. Mention all projects (however small) you worked on at each job, your role in the project, how you accomplished the assigned tasks.

• Mention awards and honours you may have received, papers you may presented.

• If you are just out of college, and do not have any experience, elaborate on projects you may have worked on. This will give the employer an idea of how you may fare in job atmosphere.

• Mention that references will be available upon request.

By: Yogesh Pahuja
The author is a practising Consultant and Trainer with 14 years of experience and can be reached on

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