How to segment the market

The Marketer applies successive variables to sub-divide and arrive at the target market. Lately, marketing research agencies have been devoting a substantial part of their time to identify and study behavior patterns of different market segments. The procedure adopted by them and as mentioned by Kotler and turner is a three stage one.
Survey Stage
Analysis Stage
Profiling Stage

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Challenges & opportunities for Oraganizational Behavior

Understanding organizational behavior has become all the more important for managers. A quick look at a few of the dramatic changes now taking place in organizations supports this claim. For, instance, the typical employee is getting older, more and more women and nonwhites are forming an important part of the workplace; corporate downsizing and the heavy use of temporary workers are severing the bonds of loyalty that historically tied many employees to their employers; and global competition is requiring employees to become more flexible and to learn to cope with rapid change.

In short, its becoming essential for managers to use OB concepts .In this section, we review some of the more critical issues confronting managers for which OB offers solutions—or at least some meaningful insights towards solutions

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